The 27 Best Logo Tote Bags to Invest In



Allow me to take you back in time. It’s 2018 and the song dominating the radio is God’s Plan by Drake. There’s no TikTok yet, but you can’t scroll through Instagram without spotting an outfit from Hailey Bieber and Dua Lipa. It was wild for those of us who lived through (and reported trends) at that time. But possibly the craziest thing to come out of that year was the wide embrace of one specific fashion trend: logo mania. 

During that period, no piece was safe from being adorned with a giant logo—blazers, bags, boots, the works. It became so bad that some argued the trend felt like humans were becoming a walking billboard for designer brands. And so, like all trends, it died out. But to say our love for wearing designer items went away fully would be a lie. One relic from this era continues to prevail: logo tote bags. 

The RealReal‘s Senior Women’s Merchandising Manager Kelly McSweeney best explains the rationale behind the bag’s continued relevancy: « With the return to work and travel, we’ve seen a continual uptick in demand for practical tote bags. And more specifically, totes with visible brand monogramming and logos have been particularly popular. » No matter how much time has passed, this bag trend continues to be a worthwhile investment.

But if you’re still dubious about this bag being fully back, you’ll want to keep scrolling as I’ve rounded up the 27 best logo tote bags to shop for right now. Whether you’re looking to find the next It bag, live for a bold print, or want something that embodies quiet luxury, there’s something ahead for everyone. 

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