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Facial paralysis is a condition wherein the facial nerve gets damaged, causing hearing loss and severe conditions. It can cause muscles to droop and become weak. There are many reasons for such a disease, like a stroke, Bell’s palsy, tumor, or fracture in the skull. Some newborn babies get such paralysis but recover with proper treatment.

You may have paralysis in the face due to congenital syndromes, including Mobius and Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome. A highly qualified and well-experienced doctor can provide facial paralysis treatments that can return your smile. Such doctors emphasize facial nerve treatment and reanimation procedures to treat you. 

Top 5 Treatments

There are various treatments available by top institutes for various conditions of paralysis. You can rely on them for your treatment according to the doctor’s suggestion. The list of the top five treatments is given below:


It is one of the most sought treatments for partial facial paralysis, Bell’s palsy, and synkinesis. It is a protein that is derived from botulinum toxin. It helps relax the tensed muscles of the face, improving their movement. It is performed under the expert supervision of a physiotherapist. 

This condition is best for those with long-term weakness in the facial nerve. Botox fixes the asymmetry of the face through surgery; however, it must be done by experts only.

Selective Neurolysis

It is the most effective treatment for patients with difficulty recovering from Bell’s palsy. It is helpful for patients with syndromes like Ramsay Hunt Syndrome or a traumatic brain injury. It is an advanced surgical procedure for the perfect smile on the face. 

Premier paralysis institutes have breathtaking results to show that they have changed the lives of many. It involves lesser risk as compared to facial nerve operations. Hence it is considered one of the best treatments for patients if performed by expert hands. In the procedure, the doctor releases a specific muscle that pulls the edge of the mouth for the perfect structure of the face.

Gracilis Muscle Transplant 

For patients who have had the disease for more than two years and have become non-functional, in this case, transplanting the muscle becomes the best treatment option. 

Gracilis is a particular muscle in the thigh that can be transplanted into the face with veins, arteries, and nerves. It is a surgical procedure to provide new nerves and replace the old and weak ones.

Cross Facial Nerve Transplant 

It is a grating method for patients who lack the nerve for the perfect smile. It makes a face look more symmetric. It is a two-step process. 

The first step is to have the nerve from the lower leg grated and attached to the nerve. In the second step, the gracilis muscle is taken from the thighs and fixed with cross-nerve grating and vein of the neck.

Facial Nerve Compression 

Among many treatments available, this is also effective. This is among the best facial paralysis treatments that help people regain movement in their muscles. It is done when any nerve of the face compresses under the cheekbones.


Your face holds your identity, and conditions like paralysis can impact your life in many ways. There are various causes of this condition; therefore, multiple treatments are also available. Under the expert guidance of well-trained medical professionals, you can regain your smile.

They provide treatment as per your requirement and condition, enhancing recovery. With the help of advanced tools and technology, fighting paralysis in the face is much easier. It would help if you were under the proper guidance. 

Disclaimer: The statements, opinions, and data contained in these publications are solely those of the individual authors and contributors and not of Credihealth and the editor(s). 

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