Relation Between Type 2 Diabetes and Diet Drinks

We have heard this before and we will hear it again: Diet Drinks raise the risk for type 2 diabetes but for people already living with type 2 diabetes prefer these drinks since they cause zero effect to the blood sugars. And most of the calorie conscious or weight wary people also consume diet drinks as well. So where do we start to understand if there is any relation between diabetes and consumption of diet sodas. So here is the explanation of diet drinks for diabetics patients.

Diet Drinks for Diabetics: What You Can Have & What to Avoid?

  • Diet Drinks predispose you to increased risk of cardiovascular disease, and diabetic complications and may lead to metabolic syndrome. And the reasons are obvious: though they might not be loaded with lots of sugars, but they are rich in sodium, phosphate, and usually caffeine. All three ingredients contribute towards increased health issues related to bone health and my lead to hypertension in the long run. Phosphate in high doses is known to have a negative effect on the health of your bones and caffeine can lead to increased water loss, contributing to dehydration. This perpetuates a vicious cycle making you thirstier, pushing you to drink more diet soda, causing more dehydration.
  • Role of diet sodas: Research emphasises the role of diet sodas in causing metabolic syndrome which is a combination of diseases related to heart like diabetes, high blood pressure, increased levels of LDL cholesterol, and obesity, compared to nondrinkers. One quick theory to substantiate the same state that artificial sweeteners may confuse the body about how much energy it is consuming, and losing the discretion to eat only when hungry.  These sweeteners make you feel your blood glucose is low when it’s not, so you seek out food and eat more. All this eventually contributes to an imbalanced sugar metabolism dn associated disorders.
  • Diet Sodas lead to weight gain: Diet sodas have been associated with weight gain and there is enough evidence to support it. They may increase our desire to consume high-on sugar, energy-dense beverages/foods, since our body starts craving for these kinds of foods. Research further supports that regular consumption of these diet sodas may lead to loss of dietary and calorie needs and we may be unable to estimate how much food we actually need.

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Other researchers believe diet sodas are usually preferred by people who already are fat and consume such products with a false sense of no impact on their other complications and replenishment of other important nutrients & Diet Drinks.

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