IVF Precautions to Amplify Success

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) has become a famous method for treating infertility. However, one has to properly follow IVF precautions to amplify the chances of success. Your IVF specialist will also give you a complete checklist of do’s and don’ts based on your individual case.

Common IVF Precautions

Here are few common IVF precautions that are recommended for almost everyone after embryo transfer into the womb:

  1. Avoid all rigorous activities like lifting heavy weight, aerobics, workout, exercise and any activities that give forceful jerk to the body.
  2. Refrain from consuming even small amounts of caffeine (found in tea and coffee) and alcohol as well as alcoholic products (all types).
  3. Do not smoke
  4. No sexual intercourse at least till the time pregnancy is confirmed.
  5. No self medication. Speak to your doctor before taking any medicines even ibuprofen or crocin.
  6. Ditch those swimming sessions at the pool
  7. No more long walks at shopping or with friends. Take as much rest as possible.
  8. Take a break from stressful household work.
  9. In case you are undergoing any other kind of medical treatment for diabetes, hypertension or arthritis, don’t hesitate to inform your doctor. The medication may interfere with IVF.
  10. It may be a tough time for any. Ensure you always have a support at hand, maybe a close friend, spouse or family member who you can talk to. It doesn’t hurt to vent out your tension.
  11. Stay calm and happy during the time. Focus on the positives but don’t mull too much on the results.
  12. In case you experience any symptoms, immediately update your caregiver.
  13. Practice meditation to calm your mind and body.
  14. Don’t take any herbal or ayurvedic medicine before taking an approval from your doctor.
  15. Drink lot of water to stay hydrated and improve blood circulation.
  16. Don’t forget to take your progesterone medication everyday and on the same time. This is necessary to ensure early and proper embryo implantation on the uterine lining.
  17. If you are working or involved in traveling, take 10 days off and rest.

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In case you are facing infertility issues, it is better to opt for IVF as early as possible and follow the above mentioned IVF precautions, because with growing age, quality of eggs will decrease and reduce the chances of success.


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