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In recent months, the World Health Organization had come up with means of containing the coronavirus. They are proposing guideline measures that people need to follow to reduce the spread of the disease. Some of the proposed guidelines include social distancing, self-isolation among others. Since the virus is spread through mouth droplets when one sneezes or talks, they suggested wearing masks. People were no longer able to keep the social distance of 2 meters apart, hence masks’ need. Mask usage has intensified as the cases of coronavirus are rising. There has been an emergence of many types of masks, but the most effective ones include N95 Mask, which is the one that doctors and experts are recommending. You might be wondering how masks help reduce the spread of the virus. Here are some of how they help. 

Prevent Infected People from Spreading the Virus

Studies reveal that the coronavirus is spread through respiratory fluids produced when an infected person talks, sneezes, or coughs. Hence wearing a KN95 mask greatly minimizes the virus’s spread by acting as a barrier to these droplets. They keep the virus-containing droplets from escaping from an infected person to another person. There are more ways of covering your face, like a folded handkerchief, which reduces the distance in which the droplets have to travel, but the most effective one is the use of face masks. Most of the affected individuals are symptomatic. Facial covering will help curb the virus’s spread further when you are unaware that you have it. 

Masks can protect you

Studies reveal that face masks help to reduce the spread of the virus by 17%. By you wearing face masks, you will be less exposed to the virus. It will protect you from being infected by the virus and have fewer chances of developing severe symptoms when infected. It is recommended to wear a mask than have nothing at all. The more people are wearing face masks, and the less the virus is circulating in the community, reducing the risk of everyone being infected. Hence if you cover your nose and mouth from either side, that is, the receiver or the transmitter of the virus, you will block the virus’s transmission on either end, and everyone benefits from that. Hence, face masks play a significant role in preventing the spread of the virus. 

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Prevent Respiratory Droplets from Travelling in The Air

It is recommended that people stay 6 meters apart from others to prevent contact with other peoples’ droplets. But there are instances in which social distancing is challenging to keep, like if your job requires that you be in closer contact or when traveling. In these instances, you are advised to wear face masks. Other preventive measures like handwashing may not be effective here though you must wash your hands frequently. By coughing, sneezing, or even talking, you are releasing respiratory droplets into the air that can land on other people. If you cover your face with a mask, you will be releasing fewer particles in the air as some are trapped inside the mask. It will protect you from inhaling germs from the other person too.

Wearing a mask is an inexpensive measure to protect you and those around you from contracting the virus. The elderly and those with underlining issues like diabetes are advised to wear highly protective masks such as N95 Mask to prevent them from contracting the virus. 

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