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Social media has had quite a big impact on beauty standards of many, and in order to meet those standards, sometimes a bit of help from modern medicine might be what you are looking for. Of course, beauty is objective, however, if you feel like you are going to be more confident if you change something on your body, then one of these procedures might be worth your time and money.

Breast Augmentation

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, there is no doubt that breast augmentation is the most common procedure out there. However, that makes sense, because it has been scientifically proven that women who are not satisfied with their breasts crave to undergo this procedure in order to boost their self-confidence, and according to science, it works.

Breast augmentation has been around ever since cosmetic procedures became available to the public, and today, you can gain some great results if you decide to undergo this procedure with professionals like ICCM for example.

While the idea behind the procedure is still the same as before, which is to insert implants around the pictorial muscle, the methods that are used in order to achieve this are redefined compared to the methods that were used twenty plus years ago. 


While women mostly strive to increase the size of their breasts, a lot of men who are in their late thirties or low forties can experience a phenomenon called gynecomastia, where their breasts tend to become bigger in size, and start resembling a more feminine shape. For this situation, the gynecomastia removal surgery has an opposite effect to augmentation, which is to reduce the size of the breast.

Thread lift

Aging is another subject that often comes into the conversation when cosmetic procedures are talked about, and thread lifting is definitely the most popular procedure in this category. This is a procedure that focuses on making someone’s face look younger by insertion of special threads which are going to tighten the sagged skin.

There are various versions of thread lifting, and in some cases, it does not have to be done on the whole face. In such cases, different threads are used, and recently, a method that can reshape the nose via thread lifting is also gaining some popularity.

Thread lifting will make you look younger

Lip enhancements

Looking glamorous is quite the trend now, and there is no better procedure that can help you achieve this look other than lip enhancements. It is a simple procedure where liquid is injected into the lips, giving them that big luscious looks. This procedure also does not take too long to complete, however, it is one of those procedures that goes away after a couple of months.

Lip fillers give fantastic results

Final word

World of cosmetic procedures is full of options, and while we have definitely covered some of them, there are plenty more that you can discover, and some of them might be the perfect solution for your problems. Consulting with your surgeon is definitely the best way to discover all the options.

Disclaimer: The statements, opinions, and data contained in these publications are solely those of the individual authors and contributors and not of Credihealth and the editor(s). 

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