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Answering the question of how CBD salve helps athletes is one that can be answered through the science and proven positive effect of this incredible cannabinoid. The body of an athlete requires the utmost attention to care and recovery to promote the longevity of peak performance, and CBD is an excellent asset at providing exactly that kind of care. 

Now whether you are a professional athlete or simply someone who maintains high levels of physical fitness, this matters not, or even if you are simply looking for the best CBD salve for pain, we’re going to showcase to you just why and how CBD can help a hardworking body. 

The Benefits of CBD for Athletes

To look at how CBD salve helps with athletes, it is important to view the wide range of benefits that CBD provides to the body to then relate those points back to the specific lifestyle of athletes. 

CBD Reduces Inflammation

When athletes strain their body during activity or workouts, this causes inflammation of the muscles and concentrated areas where lactic acid builds ups. Lactate is an essential component of ensuring muscle growth, but it is also this lactic acid buildup that causes the pain of soreness. 

In an effort to reduce soreness, it is best to reduce inflammation. This allows enhanced blood flow to your tired muscles, which helps to feed them the essential nutrients that they need to grow and recover. As well as this, reducing inflammation better allows the lactic acid build-up to clear. 

Athletes are known to work their body to extremes, and CBD can not only help to reduce the inflammation that causes the pain, but it will also promote the proper growth and repair of tired muscles so that they can work harder the next time around while feeling less sore. 

CBD For Pain Levels

As well as directly lowering the pain of soreness through reducing inflammation, CBD also reduces other forms of pain by targeting the mind. 

If an athlete is sore and needs to perform, and there is an area of specific pain, CBD can work wonders. CBD is a cannabinoid, and because of this, it can attach to the receptors of your endocannabinoid system. 

Your endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating multiple bodily functions, one of the most prominent being the communication between cells and neurotransmitters. 

So when you feel pain, your body sends your brain signals through this system to alert it of the pain. With CBD, the cannabinoid will attach to these receptors instead so that the feeling of pain is subdued by ‘blocking’ or ‘dulling’  the signals before they reach your brain, making it so that you feel less of the effect! 

So if an athlete is facing a nagging injury, simply apply the best CBD salve for pain directly to the area and it will immediately begin working for a fast solution to the pain.

Did you know that CBD is great for your bones? 

Thas right, a study was found to “enhance fracture healing and stimulate Lysyl Hydroxylase (an enzyme involved in bone healing) activity in osteoblasts (bone-building cells). This means that applying a CBD salve to your skin will allow it to directly promote the growth and recovery of your bones, especially during injury. 

Athletes not only need to prevent injury, but they also must recover from injury as quickly as possible, and considering athletes put high levels of strain unto their bones,  using CBD as an asset to strong skeletal growth is a great way to check off both of these boxes. 

CBD for Sleep

Sleep is essential for health, and health is essential for athletes. CBD has been shown to very effectively enhance people’s sleep, and this is particularly beneficial to athletes. 

Oftentimes athletes work on tight schedules, and getting the most out of their sleep is the only way to wake up energized and ready to work and strain their body in those early hours. 

Sleep is also your immunity’s best friend, and preventing sickness with a strong immunity ensures that athletes are never stopped in their tracks from training. 

A majority of an athlete’s muscle recovery process will occur during the hours of sleep, as the body undergoes many processes in this restful time, include restoring damaged proteins, removing cellular waste, converting lactic acid to glucose in the liver, and stimulating stem cell differentiation into muscle fibers. 

The more rested your body is, the better it can work to repair damaged and sore muscles or any injuries, so more sleep (and better sleep) very much means higher levels of recovery, and CBD is sleep’s best friend. 

CBD for Mental Function

Not only are the bodies of athletes required to work at peak performance, but so are their minds. A CBD salve is an excellent choice to promote the cognitive function of athletes to help them reach the height of their abilities while under the pressures of the sport. 

Because CBD is effective at reducing stress, anxiety, and fatigue, this, in turn, means that it is an amazing asset at promoting high levels of mental function. 

When your mind isn’t distracted by all of those stressors, this allows your entire focus to be placed on the task at hand. Simply rub the salve into your temples before your workout or sport and enjoy the clear and concentrated mindset that CBD helps to promote. 

Disclaimer: The statements, opinions, and data contained in these publications are solely those of the individual authors and contributors and not of Credihealth and the editor(s). 

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