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Wind of Change

The healthcare industry has been changing at a rapid pace and responding to all the new problems and illnesses. On one hand, specialists have been acquiring modern knowledge and equipment to take better care of their patients. On the other hand, the patients themselves have become much more self-aware and report any issues faster. To organize the collaboration of patients and doctors, the healthcare system has introduced several novelties. Doctors and specialists in the field still have a lot to discover and treat, but new technologies are here to ease their job. One of them – mobile phlebotomy – has grabbed attention for its unique and interesting approaches. The latter is completely to-the-point taking into account the situation now. 

Mobile Phlebotomy vs. Traditional Methods

Each year doctors develop new ways to cure people more productively and extend the human lifespan more effectively. Every once in a while new viruses appear (hello, COVID-19), and doctors try to tackle it in the best way possible. Mobile phlebotomy seeks to provide that opportunity both to patients and professionals to interact without risks.

Back in safe times, patients used to visit their physicians so that they could draw blood from their veins. Every physician had her list of recommendations of dos and don’ts before the blood draw. Some would advise complete fasting, others would suggest stopping eating 10 hours before the procedure. They aimed to get clear blood samples so that the laboratory could use them to diagnose a large number of medical conditions. Sometime later, the patient would revisit her physician to discuss the results and get treatment options based on them. 

Why Choose Mobile (not Phone) Phlebotomy?

Mobile phlebotomy has come to replace those traditional methods by offering more convenience and safety to the patients. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, it became extremely important to lessen the number of on-site visits. Hence, the healthcare system thought of an alternative to send the phlebotomists to visit the patients themselves. The specialist makes an appointment, visits the patient usually at her home, and adheres to all the safety standards to draw blood and transport it to their laboratory. Mobile phlebotomy proved to be very effective in a wide range of situations. People with disabilities, the elderly, people with very hectic schedules or transportation issues can take advantage of this method. Below we will also list the four main benefits that mobile phlebotomy offers. 

Know the Benefits 

Number 1: Wet blood. To put it simply, wet blood is the liquid blood, the one directly obtained from your blood vessels and stored in special containers again as a liquid. Mobile phlebotomy helps the specialist draw blood directly from your veins to run tests on it. 

Number 2. No queues. This method helps ensure everyone’s safety and psychological well-being. As the appointments are made at the patient’s venue, she does not have to endure queues and waiting rooms. 

Number 3. Patient decides. Sometimes even the visit of the phlebotomist can give a hard time as the patient does not have free hours in her schedule. Using mobile phlebotomy, patients can agree on the suitable timing, especially if they are living in assisted living residences that already have well-established schedules for everyday activities. 

Number 4. Less risky. The pandemic has taught us that hospitals should not always be the safest place to visit as viruses can be easily transported from one person to another one. To minimize this risk, it’s better to limit the number of contacts to just one-on-one blood draw sessions. Visit Phlebotomynetwork to learn more about the method and make an appointment.

Your Safety Matters

Amid the reality that changed last year, we started paying attention to the important details and conditions that we used to take for granted. We started to value our health and our safety more as those are the preconditions for living a happy life. Professionals have tried to adjust their methods to our needs and offer options to check your health status even without visiting hospitals or clinics. That opportunity has been created for you, so make sure to use it to be healthy as long as possible.

Disclaimer: The statements, opinions, and data contained in these publications are solely those of the individual authors and contributors and not of Credihealth and the editor(s). 

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