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A satisfying sex life is a key to happiness both in a relationship and life in general, the effect of the fulfillment of sexual desire spanning into multiple facets within life. 

Intimacy, connection, sexuality, and all of your deep down kinks are something that must be catered to correctly so that you can discover exactly what ‘satisfying’ means for yourself, and to maintain this happiness in your own love life. 

With so many available ways to approach this, from solo self-discovery with high-quality female sex toys to partner (or multiple partner!) fun, and so many unique sexual personalities, it might seem a difficult thing to do. 

But if you are a woman who wants to spice up your sex life and make your everyday life fun, were here to make it easy. 

Dedicate Some Time to Erotism. 

  • Give yourself some time, and don’t be afraid to explore the limits of your sexuality, either alone by using sex toys or with a partner. Routine is a passion killer, so keeping things fresh and exciting makes sure sex doesn’t go stale. 
  • Touch yourself in bed too. Guys love it when a woman has the confidence to touch herself in bed. If you want to turn him on, then don’t be afraid to try this, and maybe he will join in the fun himself!

Intimacy is hypothesized to serve both as a trigger for sexual desire and as a reward resulting from the experience of sexual arousal and—in particular of orgasm, so use touching yourself as the perfect trigger to excite more. 

Dare to Try New Things

The key to having breathtaking intercourse is ‘Experimentation.’ 

Remember to keep things fresh and be open to new things. Not everything is going to work for you as a couple, but experimenting is half the fun! And you will never know if you like something until you purposefully find out, so go ahead and give it a shot. 

The world of sex is broad, and to enjoy it as much as possible, it is important to open your mind as you do begin to explore, and never maintain any judgments surrounding either yourself and the way you or your partner thinks. 

“Familiarity is the death of the sex drive; the more we get used to someone, the less exciting sex becomes”- Allison Moon. 

  • Have phone sex. Sex doesn’t have to be just physical. 

Send sexy texts. Sexy texts, or rather ‘sexting’ is all the rage and a great way to build lustful anticipation

  • Invest in hot lingerie. Being sexy is about looking and feeling the part for yourself first, and then for your partner. 
  • Change positions. The secret to satisfying sex is variation. Make sure you don’t get into the same old routine and mix it up by changing position lots. Get a copy of the Kama sutra. Read through it and talk of new positions. Why not invest in this classic sex book and see how many of them you can master?! 
  • Try some role play. Sometimes it can be good to escape reality by trying out role-play, erotic hypnosis, or anything else that takes you away from reality, even if for a moment.  

Don’t be Shy!

To have amazing sex, you must leave prejudices aside and open up to sexuality. Be confident about yourself and your body. 

  • Do it with the lights on. He wants to see your body and gets aroused by watching you two getting down and dirty together. Don’t hide under blankets or switch the lights down low. Show yourself off! 
  • Be loud. There is nothing more off-putting than sex so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Don’t be afraid to be a little vocal. Sometimes it’s great to really let it rip and get in touch with your wild inner side, too, saying all the naughty things you have always wanted to say! 
  • Slow down. Sex doesn’t always have to be about breaking furniture! Sometimes slowing down, especially right at the end, will deliver a more powerful and intense orgasm to your man and to yourself. Something he is sure to be super grateful for! 
  • Watch porn together. Porn is an easy and reliable way to get you both in a mood and gives your sex life an added boost! 
  • Be dominated. Letting your guy take control can also be a massive turn-on for him, so don’t forget to let him have the upper hand once in a while. • Share your fantasies. Whatever his deepest and wildest fantasy is, get him to tell it to you, and then act it out!  
  • Be dominating. It can be nice for a guy to be taken control of once in a while. Make sure you get in touch with your inner dominatrix and just go for it one night by fully taking charge!
  • Tease! One of the biggest secrets to learning how to satisfy a man in bed is to be a real tease. Teasing builds up sexual tension making it all the more delicious when the finale finally happens!  

To Know What You Like and Dislike in the Bedroom  

Sex is a two-way street, and he won’t be satisfied unless he knows he has done a good job too.  

Communicate. Sex is all about good communication. Have a laugh when you talk about it, be serious if you need. Do whatever to open these doors to sexual communication in your love life, and this will help you to determine what you like, or do not like, in the bedroom.

It’s really important to remember that sex, above all else, should be fun. But sometimes things get awkward or go wrong, and that’s entirely okay, so never let a little hiccup slow you down. 

After that, regroup and set the mood decorating your room with dim lights, romantic music, and a nice aroma. Do some foreplay and then dive right into it, never thinking back on whatever went wrong the last time, focusing only on what is to come (literally!). 

Health is the Key

It’s important to be in a good physical, emotional, mental condition to last longer before orgasm and enjoy your encounters much more. 

There are many exercises out there that tighten your pelvic floor, so make things like Kegels an integrated part of your ‘workout’ routine. 

According to science direct, there’s an exercise-induced increase of sex steroid hormone in muscle, and by being active, you can promote this hormone. 

“Major contributions to relationship quality are made by the couple’s emotional intimacy, as it helps to buffer daily stress and thus enhances partners’ well-being and adjustment & as well as their satisfaction with their sexual relationship”. Because, after all, stress is one heck of an intimacy killer, so do everything you can in life to lower your stress levels and reduce triggers of stress. 

Disclaimer: The statements, opinions, and data contained in these publications are solely those of the individual authors and contributors and not of Credihealth and the editor(s). 

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