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IPL Media Rights Tender – World’s Costliest Sports Properties & Most Valuable Sports Property: The 2nd DAY of IPL E-Auction can make Indian Premier League World’s Costliest Sports Property. IPL on Day 1 cross 100 Cr Per Match Value mark. It has already left the likes of Major League Baseball, English Premier League behind. Amercian Football league, NFL is the World’s Costliest Sports property at 133 Cr Per Match ($17.33 M). On Day 2 of E-auction of rights, it will be interesting to see if IPL can REACH the magical figure? Follow IPL Tender LIVE Updates & IPL E-Auction Live Updates with InsideSport.IN


  • NFL Per Match Value – $17.3 MN
  • IPL NOW at No. 2: IPL Per Match Value crosses 100 Cr / Now valued more than Premier League. Only NFL is more costly than IPL Rights
  • How far is IPL from NFL? IPL Digital RIGHTS stand at 48.04 Cr Per Match Value / Broadcast Rights for the Indian Sub-Continent at 57 Cr – this means IPL Currently is at 105 CR Per Game
  • IPL needs another 28 Crore per match to beat NFL.

IPL Media Rights Tender : NFL Costliest Sporting property at 133 Crore per match, can IPL break the RECORD today? Follow IPL Tender Live Updates


How far is IPL from NFL? Where bidding has to reach to make IPL World’s Costliest Sports Property today? IPL Bidding currently stands at 105 Crore per match value. This means IPL still needs increase of 28 Crore per match value to become WORLD’S MOST VALUABLE Sporting RIGHT.


The bidding stands at 43,050 Crore combine for both DIGITAL and Indian Sub-Continent Broadcasting rights.


If the total bids go up by another 11,480 Crores – IPL will become the WORLD’S MOST VALUABLE SPORTS RIGHT.


Industry already predicts in IPL favor: Few like Elara Securities, former IPL Chairman Lalit Modi already have predicted bid above the RANGE of 60,000 Crore for entire package.


This will take IPL Per Match value above NFL which looks unlikely according to others.


I predict that this new IPL media rights tender will fetch close to 8 to 10 billion dollars (between INR 60k and 75k crore). I believe this is the value of a genuinely global and world-class product,” Lalit Modi tweeted.


“I think the unthinkable can happen, IPL should surpass NFL Per Match Values. Mind it, Rest of World Package & PACKAGE C of 18 matches is yet to come for auction”, said Sports Media Rights veteran and CEO of Sporty Solutionz Ashish Chadha


“I am surprised. Now the bids can easily cross 50000 crore.” declared Harish Thawani, former CEO of Neo Sports



IPL Media Rights Tender: IPL per match value ready to cross 100 Crore, ‘will overtake Premier League to become world’s No. 2 costliest sporting property’


World’s Costliest Sports Properties: Currently, America’s National Football League (NFL) is considered to be the costliest SPORTS-PROPERTY in the World.


The per match value of NFL is in the range of 17.36MN i.e 133 Crores per match.


Before the IPL E-auction started, this was followed by Premier League. EPL per match costs comes to round about 81 Crore per game.


“We are confident IPL Media Rights will set new bench-marking for the sports industry. Don’t want to predict any number. But BCCI is confident that it will be a record breaking number”, said BCCI’s Treasurer Arun Dhummal to InsideSport.



IPL Media Rights Tender: At 133 Crore per match NFL Costliest Sporting property, can IPL Media Rights Value break the RECORD? Follow IPL Tender Live Updates

NOTE: In the GRAPH above IPL Per Match Value given is 8.5 MN. It is as per the Dollar exchange rate in 2018. As per the Dollar Exchange rate of today IPL Per Match Value is 6.9MN (54 Crore per match)


The BCCI has done away with composite bids this time.


A company can put in bids for all categories, but each of those bids will be considered as separate and the winner will be decided on the basis of the highest bid in each category.



June 13 – Auction starts at 11 AM

  • Bundle A – Indian Sub Continent Broadcast: Base price in this category is Rs 49 crore per game. The BID already stands at 57 CRORE.
  • Bundle B – Digital rights Indian Sub-Continent: Base price for this package is Rs 33 crore per game – The BID has reached 48.04 CRORE and will be continued today
  • Package A+B: Together currently stands at 105.04 CR

June 13:

  • Bundle CNon-Exclusive Package (DIGITAL): The much-debated special package is in Bundle C which comprises 18 games and the reserve price in this cluster is Rs 16 crore per game. At 74 games per season and calculated for five years, the price of this bundle is Rs 1440 crore. 18 Games in this package will be – Opening Match, 4 Playoff matches & 13 Evening Double Header matches
  • Bundle D: Rest of the World Rights (Outside Sub-Continent): Base price for this package is Rs 3 crore per game. The combined value of the reserve price is Rs 1110. crore for five years.

Follow IPL Tender LIVE Updates & IPL E-Auction Live Updates & Check IPL vs NFL Fight for World’s Costliest Sports Properties & Most Valuable Sports Property with InsideSport.IN

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