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Healthcare jobs are available in increasing numbers as the rise of telehealth calls for increasing numbers of employees in this new space. Healthcare recruiting is often very competitive, especially when looking for experienced staff for management or for experienced doctors and nurses. You might even find that you are struggling to find anyone who even meets the minimum requirements of your job postings.

If you are working in recruiting and have been struggling to secure your first choice for many of your open job positions, you are not alone. There are lots of open positions in the healthcare industry right now, but there seems never to be enough qualified staff to fill these positions. This means that experienced hires have an almost unlimited number of options in front of them when they are looking for jobs.

It can be hard for recruiters to compete in this kind of market, but you can optimize your recruiting process using these helpful tips and hints.

Top 5 Strategies for Healthcare Recruiting

1.     Recruit at Campuses

This can be one of the best places to gain visibility for your hospital or clinic. Students are faced with many options for employment, but they probably do not have a set plan for when they are done with school. You can help make connections with these promising graduates as they are poised to leave school so that they will consider coming to work for your organization when they are done with school.

Recruiting at schools can be a great way to make lots of connections in an efficient manner as well. There are not many other environments where you will have access to so many skilled and talented potential hires. You can offer up business cards or other materials about your organization and make sure that the students that you have met remember your time spent with them when they are ready to find jobs.

2.     Make the Hiring Process Easy


People looking for jobs are increasingly less patient with technological issues when they are working through the hiring process. If you make it hard for people to get through the hiring process they may back out before they have been onboarded. There is nothing that affects confidence in a new job more than clunky or frustrating technology used during the hiring process.

The other consideration that you should be mindful of is that you need to keep the hiring process prompt and to the point. Today’s job market moves fast and no one will want to wait weeks to be hired. Even if a potential employee prefers your company’s offer, they will probably move on if the hiring process takes too long.

3.     Make Sure That Your Compensation Packages Are Competitive

This can be a major factor in your success at attracting the right kinds of employees. You will need to make sure that you offer benefits that keep pace with your competitors. You will also want to make it clear that you offer flexible work schedules or usable flextime for employees with kids or other work-life balance needs.

It is not enough anymore to offer retirement and a health plan. You need to show real value to your potential new hires to make sure that they are motivated to want to work with your company. This kind of compensation will also make sure that you are able to keep employees for the long haul. It can be very hard to have to do the work to train new employees each time someone leaves, and you want to minimize attrition.

4.     Consider Hiring From Within

It can be tempting to look at external hires for every new position that comes open, but sometimes the perfect fit for the job is already working for you. If you look at other employees within your organization that meet the requirements for open positions, you will probably find that there are many eligible candidates for each one.

The biggest benefit to hiring from within is that these people will not need to be onboarded or trained about the basic information that each new employee needs to know. They will only need training specific to their new job role. Hiring from within can save you lots of time and hassle in the long run and it creates loyal and deeply invested employees.

5.     Use Healthcare Job Boards

It can waste a lot of time if you are not posting your open positions on healthcare-specific job sites. There is nothing more frustrating to people looking for healthcare jobs than to have to sift through lots of results per search that are not healthcare jobs. If you are looking for a clinically-led partner try locum tenens company. This has led to many people going to healthcare-specific job sites to find their new job.

You can share your postings to generic job boards, but do not forget to post them all on healthcare-specific job boards. These job boards will often yield really great applicants for your jobs and you will have a better chance of finding people with the credentials that you are looking for when you post on these job boards.

Healthcare requirements are often very specific per job, and these job boards will help you get connected with people who have the right certifications, education, and licenses for your open positions.

Healthcare Recruiting Can Be Easy If You Use the Right Strategies

Using the right healthcare recruiting strategies can be the difference between finding the right people to work for you and struggling to get people to interview with you. Catering to the healthcare industry with timely hiring processes, and the use of healthcare job boards can make a big difference in your hiring process. Balance this with great benefits and compensation and you will see a big change in your hiring rates!

Healthcare is a busy industry that always needs qualified and caring people to work in it. You will be able to find these caring and talented individuals with ease if you use these tips and tricks!


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