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We’re strewn with hair. Except for our lips, palms of our hands, and soles of our feet, our entire bodies have the ability to grow hair. On average, a person will spend a year and a half of their life washing, combing, styling, and otherwise messing with their hair. We’re here to explain how hair transplants work now that they’ve made their way into the public consciousness. 

Dr. Deepesh Goyal, one of the best hair transplant surgeons in Jaipur, assisted us in understanding the process in depth. He will describe the fundamentals of hair transplantation in this post. He will also discuss the hair transplant cost in Jaipur, as hair transplant is a costly procedure. 

Get to Know Your Hair- 

Hair can grow on practically every part of our body, as previously stated. Although the hair on the body differs, the way it develops is essentially the same. Our hair follicles are located just beneath the skin, bundled together with nerves, blood arteries, and sweat glands, where individual hairs gradually develop in length as additional cells are added to the base throughout time. Hair may  stop growing and fall out of the follicles as part of their normal cycle, to be replaced by new ones. Because the follicle can just develop a new hair, plucking one’s brows is merely a temporary cure. The issue arises when the hairs cease growing for whatever reason. 

The following are the reasons: 

This may occour due to number of factors, such as a large skin trauma that leaves scar tissue devoid of follicles. You can’t grow hair without follicles. The follicles simply stop in another fairly common scenario. They’re still there, like the amazing hair-making machines they are, but di-hydro-testosterone interferes and turns them off. Although both men and women can experience alopecia, it is most commonly seen in men. The top of the head, and all the way back to the crown contain receptors for that specific switch-off hormone, and progressively stop generating hair. When the old hairs fall out, you’ll experience male-pattern hair loss. Hair transplants provide a remedy in each of these circumstances by transplanting not only hair but also healthy follicles into the places that require them. 


Each square centimetre can have up to 100-180 follicles. Have a peek at your own hair in the mirror and examine how tightly packed those hairs and follicles are to get a sense of how time-consuming it is. Imagine removing them one by one and replacing them. What’s the best way to separate all of those follicular units? 


The strip procedure, or, more frighteningly, Follicular Unit Transplantation, is one way. It entails removing a tiny strip of hairy skin from the back of the head’s safe zone, then slicing it up into individual follicles with a very sharp eye and an even sharper scalpel. The follicular units are put into small openings in the bald area’s skin, and the wound is closed with sutures or staples at the back of the head. While this approach allows doctors to access thousands of follicles at once, it requires a steady hand and leaves the patient with a large scar that slices directly across their best strand of hair. 


Follicular Unit Extraction is a different approach. Rather than slicing off a large chunk of skin at once, this procedure uses a punch instrument that resembles a miniature drill to cut around individual follicular units while keeping the rest of the skin intact. What’s left are a slew of small circular holes that mend to leave hardly visible scars. The hair in the safe zone thins slightly, but not dramatically. As with the strip approach, the follicular units from this extraction procedure are implanted into slits in the balding area. 

Hair Transplant Cost In Jaipur-

The cost is determined on a person’s amount of baldness. But, in this article, we’ll look at the average cost of a hair transplant in Jaipur.


Number of Grafts Cost at Rs. 20 per graft
1500 -2000 Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000
2000 – 3000 Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 60,000
3000 – 4000 Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 80,000
4000 – 5000 Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 1,00,000
5000 and above Special rates are available


The surgeon’s goal is to ensure that the new hairs blend in with the existing hair. To achieve a finer transition, create a realistic hairline and use single follicular units at the margin. Then, on the top of the head, several units containing two or three follicles are implanted to create a denser covering. 

Hundreds of individual follicles are painstakingly extracted and reinserted into the scalp during a single, very long treatment. As new hair grows in, it may take up to 18 months to see the effects. 

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