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Human skin is tender and prone to allergies and infections, but, regular skincare regime can prove to keep out all the issues. During the pandemic, when most of the time is spent at home keeping hands sanitized, overall skincare should also be considered. Neglecting the routine and keeping skin at bay can be a pathway to multiple issues. Keeping face protected by mask and washing hands frequently to keep out germs cannot be the solution for skincare. In fact, rashes and dryness of the skin can be early signs of problems that need attention. Well, there’s nothing to be worried about as here are some skincare tips which everyone can follow while staying at home: 

Pamper your hands 

Everybody is familiar with the fact that Government has issued guidelines for keeping hands sanitized to lockout infection. This measure assures that one can stay protected from the virus of COVID-19, but, what about the texture of the skin. Basically, most of the handwash solutions and cleansers contain 60% alcohol in the composition. Hence, if hands are washed frequently for over 20 seconds after regular intervals, then, skin can become rough. Hence here’s what you need to do: 

  • Maintain softness of hand:

    Avoid using hot water for washing hands as it does not prove to be helpful against bacterial infection. Hence, it is advisable to use cool or lukewarm water to wash hands. This is the ideal way to prevent skin damage. Besides, you should not use anti-bacteria cleansers as the chemicals present in them can cause skin infections and irritation. 

  • Keep hands safe from disinfectants and surface cleaners:

    Most of the disinfectants, surface cleaners and other cleansing agents contain a high amount of chemicals. This chemical composition may act in a severe manner on germs and stains, but, your hands can be affected. Be it allergy, rashes or dryness of skin, various consequences can be witnessed if the hands are not covered with gloves. Well, you don’t have to bother about putting on gloves as the rubber gloves can prove to be sufficient to safeguard your skin. 

  • Nourished and healthy skin is a must:

    You may have become habitual of using face wash and soap to wash your face frequently. This is indeed a safety practice adopted as a defence against germs, yet, it can leave your skin rough. Therefore, add this point as an important one among other skincare tips to nourish your face and hands. You can use chemical-free and paraben-free cream, apply it gently. In terms of face, use a circular motion to apply cream so that it gets moisturized properly. 

  • Identify early signs of skin disorders:

    If you have noticed blisters or itching sensation on your skin from the past few days, then, these can be early signs of skin disorder. Nevertheless, you should not use any cream as it may aggravate the situation. Therefore, you should consult a skin specialist and seek advice after informing him about your problem. In the pandemic scenario, a teleconsultation session with the doctor and will prescribe medicine to you. If the severity of the skin’s condition is controllable, then, topical gels and other ointments will be prescribed to you.

Dos and Don’ts of skincare tips

There are certain habits that you should strictly follow to keep dermatological issues away. From using sanitisers to changing lifestyle activities, here are some points of considerations to be reflected over: 

  • Hands’ hygiene is the most important way to stay protected from the attack of COVID-19. Hence, ethanol-based sanitiser should be used for best results without affecting the skin. 
  • Avoid touching eyes with contaminated hands or gloves as this may lead to infection. 
  • You should not take shower frequently as it may lead to the removal of lipids. This further causes itching and dryness of the skin. 
  • The shampoo which you use for hair wash should not contain harsh chemicals, use a normal shampoo. Most of all, overheated water is a big no for a body shower. 

Apart from these points, it can be stated that skin diseases can be easily caused if precautions to keep it healthy are not followed. The outbreak of pandemic and spread of coronavirus are among the biggest alerts to shield skin before the minor issue turns into a skin disorder. The whole idea is to adhere to the skincare tips mentioned above so that, you stay healthy with glowing and nourished skin. This will naturally keep all the allergies and rashes out when you turn towards the proper care of your skin as a daily practice. 

Disclaimer: The statements, opinions, and data contained in these publications are solely those of the individual authors and contributors and not of Credihealth and the editor(s). 

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