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In the United States, at least 70 million adults are affected by some form of chronic pain. It is actually the second most common reason for Americans to visit their doctor after skin ailments (check it out). Of these, 35% of patients are looking for relief from back pain caused by various factors, including car accidents, sports injuries, and muscle strains.

More often, pain medications are recommended. Although they are effective to a certain extent, they will not solve your problem. That is why people, today, are seeking alternatives such as chiropractic care to try non-invasive and effective treatments before getting into any type of surgery. This type of pain treatment is completely drug-free, and it is designed to provide you with comfort and relief from back pain. Not only that, but it has several health benefits, too!

For your convenience, this article will provide you with knowledge and information on chiropractic care and how it can help your overall health. 

What Is Chiropractic Care?

Over a decade, chiropractic care has been one of the most well-established parts of the health care system, with approximately 70,000 members that perform evidence-based procedures. 

Moreover, chiropractic care is an alternative medicine treatment primarily focused on spinal manipulation to treat certain health problems. Mainly, it is used to relieve pain in muscles, joints, bones, and connective tissues.

Based on research, chiropractic care performs proper alignment of the body’s musculoskeletal structure, mainly on the spine. As a result, the treatment will allow the body to recover without any medication and surgeries. This type of healthcare is necessarily suitable if you want to take a preventative step before committing to any surgical procedure that can be costly, most of the time. 

Although it is focused on the spine, it is believed that it can holistically help your whole body to improve. 

The Mind-Body Connection

As we all know, the spinal cord is the link that connects to our brain. The brain — for the command and the spinal cord — is the pathway for bodily functions. The 24 Independent vertebrae that make up your spinal column allow you to move and bend freely. Also, it protects your central nervous system, which controls all of your body’s muscles, tissues, and organs. 

Having any injury in our spine could result in loss of movement and any sensation. Even if it’s just one or two misalignments of the vertebrae, it won’t function properly. Thus, it would result in discomfort and a lot of pain! If neglected, this can result in a breakdown in your brain-body communication.

This is where chiropractic care comes in. Chiropractic treatment certainly assesses your needs and provides an appropriate remedy for you. Maintaining good health and making positive decisions to prevent health problems before they occur is central to a chiropractic lifestyle.

To see if you need chiropractic care, these possible signs might tell you: neck pain, fatigue, hip pain, frequent sickness, lower back pain, etc. 

Health Benefits

Despite long-held beliefs that poor posture was merely an aesthetic issue that made sufferers appear sloppy, experts now believe that it is a major contributor to back pain, which affects more than 80 percent of all Americans at some point during their lives, according to the National Institutes of Health. The most common cause is too much sitting, which experts say is wrecking your health. You can get several chiropractic sessions to address this issue.

Suppose you try chiropractic care for your postural problems. In that case, they can discuss a treatment plan with you to address your posture issues and help you straighten up once they’ve determined the underlying problem with your posture. 

Treatment may include spinal adjustments, exercise, and stretches. Services from chiropractor Charlotte clinics can assist you in correcting these postural imbalances while also encouraging your body to function at its peak level of performance. They can also teach you how to sit, stand, and even sleep properly to help you attain better posture. 

  • Natural Relief From Anxiety And Stress

One in every five Americans today suffers from a mental health disorder. The most common causes are stress and anxiety, which have a significant impact on one’s quality of life and even physical health. 

Since chiropractic care has been known to significantly affect our nervous system along with other parts of our bodies, it has also shown to be beneficial in controlling emotional and mental health. The procedure will make the symptoms of mental health issues more manageable, believe it or not. Worry no more for stress, as this treatment can help the messages in your brain flow better than they could be, and it can enhance your overall mood. 

Furthermore, studies have shown that it has the potential to lower your blood pressure levels. As you may be aware, high blood pressure is one of the most common symptoms of anxiety and stress, and it can be life-threatening. The evidence shows that chiropractic care can help patients feel more stable by reducing anxiety and stress symptoms.

  • Improve Physical Function And Performance

We’ve been so fatigued for a long time that we don’t even realize it. We come to accept pain as usual. We become exhausted and worn down as muscle pains start to get the better of us. Our productivity levels have become affected, as well (link:

With the help of chiropractic treatment, it makes you perform better physically. This could be a result of better joint mobility, decreased pain, and less tissue restriction. Thanks to consistent chiropractic therapy, when everything is aligned correctly, you may notice that your muscles gain strength more quickly, and your joints stretch with more flexibility. Chiropractic adjustments relieve pressure, allowing the body to function as usual as it could be.

As we all know, accidents and dangers can strike at any time. Chiropractic therapy minimizes your chances of being injured if accidents happen. If you do tear your hamstring, sprain your ankle, or develop tendonitis, understand that a chiropractor can help you get back on your feet faster.

All people can benefit from Chiropractic treatments for it is well-rounded and varied, with an emphasis on catering services to meet the needs of everyone.

Disclaimer: The statements, opinions, and data contained in these publications are solely those of the individual authors and contributors and not of Credihealth and the editor(s). 

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