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If you plan on losing a few kilos and you’ve read around enough, you’ve probably noticed that some of the diet options out there are quite discouraging, to say the least. But what if you could get all the amazing benefits you need from a weight loss diet and still eat yummy?

Unbelievable, right? Yet if you follow the tips given in this article, you won’t need to hate your meals, and in the end, you’ll still be able to have the body you’ve always wanted and maintain it as well.

The problem with cutting out all the foods you consider ‘bad’ for you altogether is that there’s a high chance that as soon as your designated diet period is done, you’re going to eat everything you’ve been restricting yourself from—in excessive amounts! That’ll have you gaining back all the weight you’ve successfully lost.

But that doesn’t have to be so. Weight loss can be both sustainable and effective. The two aren’t mutually exclusive at all. Here’s how to keep eating the scrumptious foods you love while you’re going on a weight loss journey:

The central trick to eating the foods you love while still losing weight is knowing how to maintain balance. Too much of anything will of course affect your weight loss goal, yet if you keep track of the calories you’re taking in and lean more on the side of healthy options and less on empty calorie ones, you’re likely to be safe.

Empty calorie foods are those that add calories to your meal without giving you any significant nutrition. They might taste good, but everything else about them won’t benefit you in any way. Consume these as minimally as you can.

  • Chocolates And Other Snacks

Just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you have to totally avoid anything that has to do with snacks!

Snacks are a favourite for many people to have in between meals, and you don’t have to stick to only the boring ones. Individuals who totally cut chocolate or other snacks out of their diets end up overindulging when they finally get a hold of them, which is highly counterproductive.

You can’t be too perfect with your diet, especially if you’re looking to stay on it for the long haul. Treat yourself to some dark chocolate (it has antioxidants that are great for your heart), or take your pick of low-calorie snacks that and many other health-related websites recommend.

If you love bacon, you’re probably used to piling several pieces of it in one go. That’s not going to work if your goal is to slim down a little bit (or a lot).

Consider using it as a garnish for your dishes instead. This means you’ll need to cut the bacon into small pieces and sprinkle a small portion of it on top of your favourite healthy dishes. This trick will add a smoky, salty flavour to your dishes and turn them from average to awesome in a matter of seconds.

A diet can be dreadful if you have to boil and steam everything from here onwards. But even if you know very little about weight loss diets, you most likely know how infamously unhealthy fried foods are. If frying is your go-to method when it comes to preparing meals, stopping it completely and suddenly can be unrealistic. What might work, though, could be to replace deep frying with using the oven.

It isn’t rocket science, but you’ll still get all the crispiness you want from foods without the tons of calories that actual frying would bring. You can add a sprinkle of breadcrumbs and a spritz of cooking oil to onion rings, zucchini, and any dish that would suit this method and bake it.

Before you pull the figures for how many calories are in nuts and how notoriously fat-filled they are, you should probably know that they’re also generally non-fattening and are high in protein, which can help you not feel hungry too quickly.

Now that you know where nuts fit in your diet, if you want to incorporate them, you just need to be aware of what healthy portions will be for you. Half a cup of walnuts per day, for instance, is within the healthy limit for nuts. Avoid eating from the jar and measure your servings so you can track the calories you’re taking in.

Pizza is another favourite for many. While it looks like the type of food you should be steering clear of while dieting, you can still have it without compromising your weight loss goals.

The trick here is to swap out fatty toppings like red meat and extra cheese for healthier alternatives. Lean meats such as chicken or turkey, veggies like broccoli and arugula, and delectable mushrooms are just a few of the toppings that’ll help you keep your weight in check. They do this by slowing down your digestion, which enables you to feel fuller for longer.

So keep the pizza nights going in your home, but see to it that you don’t overdo them!

Pasta and carbs in general get quite the bad rep from the weight loss community. It’s undeserved if all is to be considered. The real problem with carbs like pasta is that people tend to eat multiple servings through the day or very big portions once a day. The problem, therefore, isn’t the pasta itself but that there isn’t enough control in practice.

Here’s how you can safely add pasta back to your list of safe foods while you’re on a diet: buy your pasta whole grain, and serve smaller portions. By opting for whole grain pasta, you’ll get more fibre in your meals, which will also keep you full for longer.

It’s possible to make pasta dishes that are low in calories. Adding a lot of vegetables and some lean proteins will elevate your favourite pasta recipes in great ways as well.


Losing weight is far from easy, so it’s understandable how a number of people end up quitting their diets at some point. But now that you know how to bring the zest back to your diet meals, you can enjoy the journey toward achieving the body of your dreams and have more reason to keep going.

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