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One of the most important things that students earning college online degrees need to consciously remember is to maintain good health. It is easy, in the stress and excitement of a new online degree program, to neglect one’s physical well-being, and this can seriously impact the successful completion of online degree programs. As a free essay writer, I know that without basic physical wellness, meeting the challenges of deadlines and tests can be extremely difficult.

Make Physical Exercise a Priority When Working on College Online Degrees

While long hours at the computer are a necessary evil for those wishing to earn a degree online, sitting unmoving in one position for a long time often leads to stiffness, aching necks and backs, cervical spondylosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other complications, apart from the obvious risk of weight gain due to a
sedentary lifestyle.

A simple way of guarding against these problems is to begin the morning with an hour of brisk exercise – preferably at a gym or a jogging track rather than at a walker or stepper at home. The bonus: it provides a legitimate excuse to get out, and get a breath of fresh air as well. It’s a great way to begin the day with a
post-exercise high, energized, and with all brain cells firing.

A daily routine is ideal and has long-term benefits all around. In case this is just not possible, work in a thrice-a-week exercise routine into the schedule.

Health Implications of Posture When Studying for an Online Master’s Degree

Given the time spent at the computer when earning an online degree, seating posture and workstation ergonomics become critical to health and efficient functioning. An upright posture is all-important, as is the support for the elbows and wrists when working. It is a good idea to spend some time setting up an ergonomic study station that eliminates posture-related neckache and backache. Movement is also advisable. While frequent disruptions to study sessions may cause loss of focus, breaking extremely long sessions into smaller units enables the body to stay limber. Micro-breaks to stretch and flex muscles are a great way of relaxing body and mind – work down from neck to shoulders, wrists, knees, ankles, and toes. And, at least a couple of times in a three to the four-hour
study session, take a walk.

Physical Fitness: Critical to Success in College Online Degrees

Given the nature of online courses, it is easy to neglect health and become completely computer-centered. Physical fitness, however, is important to successfully meet the challenges and stresses of earning an online degree. Smart
students will understand that a balanced exercise plan, a flexible body, and an ergonomic study station go a long way towards success in their online learning and career advancement.

In the excitement and challenge of keeping up with a new online master’s degree, it is all too easy to neglect a key contributor to success – student health. Physical well-being is essential for performing to one’s potential, and paying attention to the health aspects of online distance education will reap rich rewards both short-term and long-term help to survive a nightmare online learning course. Important areas to focus on include a regular physical routine,
an ergonomic workstation, and meticulous care of the online learner’s most valuable tool – vision.

Guard Against CVS
Computer Vision Syndrome, or CVS, is a condition that every student looking to earn an online degree needs to guard against, irrespective of whether the vision is normal or corrected. Absorbing sessions and tight deadlines make it all too tempting to work continuously for long stretches without taking a break, but this is likely to result in tired eyes.

Continuing this practice for extended periods can eyestrain. Symptoms of eyestrain include sore and irritated eyes, itchiness, blurred vision, dry or watery eyes, and headache. Simple precautions that can be worked into the study schedule include:

● Resting the eyes for five minutes, taking an “eye-break” once every hour
● Consciously remembering to blink every so often, since constant staring at the monitor retards the blinking reflex and causes dry eye
● Using lubricating eye drops to reduce dryness, after consulting with an eye doctor
● Ensuring correct reading posture that is restful for the back, neck, and eyes

Ensure Glare-Free Lighting When Pursuing College Online Degrees

Ensure that lighting at the workstation is gentle and relaxing on the eyes. Remember that the monitor is a reflective surface and itself a source of light, so monitor the lighting to cut out reflections and glare. Uniform, shielded lighting is best for the eyes. If there is a window, position the computer at right angles to the window, so that the natural light coming in is at an angle and softened. If outdoor light is bright and harsh, draw the drapes.
Adjust the brightness contrast settings on the monitor to be gentle on the eyes, and to enable long hours of reading without squinting or eyes hurt. It also helps to use an anti-glare screen over the monitor to further reduce glare.

Practice an Eye Exercise Schedule When Pursuing Online Degrees Programs

As a matter of routine, make it a practice to do simple eye exercises during small breaks to provide much-needed relief. Blinking, yawning, and exposing eyes to natural light frequently can greatly reduce eyestrain.
Make sure that the walls of the workstation are painted in non-reflective colors that are pleasing to the eye. Hang up a painting or a picture depicting fresh earthy colors where it is easily visible, and look away from the monitor to the
picture at frequent intervals. Green and blue – nature’s colors – are considered especially restful for the eyes.
At the end of the day, or when taking a break to relax, lie down or lean back with eyes closed, and place a cool gel pack or some cucumber slices on the eyes to refresh them. Practice this simple treat a couple of times a week for rest, refreshed eyes.

Meticulous Eye Care: Critical for Success in Online Masters Degrees

Vision is one of the online learner’s most valuable tools, and taking meticulous care of one’s eyes is great insurance towards the successful completion of one’s college online degree. Taking frequent breaks from the computer as
recommended, providing visual relief in the workstation area and nearby, ensuring glare-free lighting, and following an eye-exercise regimen all go a long way towards performing comfortably and to one’s potential in an online degree

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