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A practice or philosophy that works on the principle that a human body can heal itself is called homoeopathy science. According to homoeopathy, the symptoms during a particular illness are just natural defences trying to heal the body. 

The idea revolving around homoeopathy is “like cures like”, which means that a substance inflicting the particular symptoms in an individual with sound health might be able to cure the illness if given in a tiny proportion. Therefore the primary purpose of homoeopathy is to induce the self-curing capabilities of the body.

Here are a few Dos and Don’ts that you might want to follow for a successful homeopathic treatment:


  • Store the homeopathic medicine in a dry, cool and dark place. You might also want to keep it away from smelly places. Direct exposure to sunlight, heat, magnets, radiations and strong odours like solvents, spirit, paint, camphor, chemicals, etc. 
  • If you have been given homeopathic medicines in the form of sugar pellets, then chew or suck them instead of swallowing them whole. If the medication is in the form of drops, dissolve them in a bit of water as pure as possible. Keep the solution in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing it.
  • While carrying homeopathic medicines on your travel endeavours through flight, remember to keep the meds with your carry-on luggage. Hand them over to the attendant and do pass them through the X-Ray.
  • Consult with the homeopathic doctor before consuming any new medicine. You might know the names of popular medications regarding different medical conditions, but you would not have nearly as much information about the treatment process as you think. 
  • Follow the doctor’s prescription carefully. It is necessary to adhere to the prescription regime given by the doctor in any kind of medicine, be it homeopathy or allopathy. The medications for homeopathic treatments are carefully formulated with several factors taken into account, including your age, weight, medical history, ongoing medications and body supplements, the extent of illness, etc. So altering the dosage or would render the treatment unsuccessful.
  • Contrary to the popular myth, it is okay to take other medicines (even allopathic drugs) along with your treatment. But you should consult with the doctor before that. Certain antibiotics and antifungal medications, including topical ointments, can interfere with the treatment process.
  • Consult with the doctor if you are thinking about having immunization or vaccination for a certain illness as it might not be compatible with the treatment.


  • Do not consume food immediately before and after taking medicine. You should take the medication with a clear tongue. You mustn’t take anything with strong flavour and odour, such as tobacco-based products (cigarettes, chewing tobacco, betel nuts), coffee, onion, garlic, toothpaste, ginger, etc. Strong odour and taste is the enemy.
  • Avoid consuming any food 30 minutes or half-hour before and after having the medication. It is called the “half-hour rule”. Water is an exception which you can have before and after 5 minutes of medication. After following the half-hour rule, you can consume any food that is not restricted.
  • As the substance is coated over the surface of the sugar pellets, you should not touch the pill. It would be best if you used the cap of the bottle to take the medication. 
  • According to most homeopathic practitioners, with over 60% of patients, coffee can hinder the successful treatment of certain illnesses. So avoid coffee until the completion of treatment. 
  • Don’t use electric blankets as they can destroy the treatment process because of the radiation of the electromagnetic field.
  • Avoid using camphor and other substances with a strong odour like aerosol sprays for muscle sprains containing eucalyptus, menthol, etc. You must consider consulting the doctor before using aromatherapy oils containing menthol and other strong aromas. 
  • You might also want to consult with the doctor if you are thinking about having beauty treatments like facials, spray-on-tan, electrolysis, etc., as they might not be compatible with the treatment.
  • Coffee contains caffeine which can act as an antidote. So avoid it if you can, or consult with the doctor before having it.

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Factors That Do Not Affect The Treatment

Here are a few factors that won’t affect your treatment process:

  • Waterbed heating machines and heating pads.
  • Dental cleaning (other than ultrasonic treatment).
  • Cleaning products containing bleach and ammonia.
  • Massage and aromatherapies without strong essences. 
  • Diagnostic tests like X-Rays, PAP smears, mammography, etc. 

Although these factors might not affect your treatment, it is always good to consult with the doctor beforehand to prevent any regrets.

Dietary Restrictions

A few of the general dietary restrictions associated with homeopathy include:

  • Avoid drinking, smoking and chewing tobacco.
  • Often non-vegetarian foods are advised to be avoided during the course of the treatment.
  • Avoiding spicy and oily foods is advisable.
  • You should avoid foods containing artificial flavouring or colouring in order to prevent any complications.
  • You should avoid aerated drinks if you are suffering from diabetes.

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