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Whether pursuing accounting online degrees or an online nursing degree, student health is all-important. Healthy sleep habits, especially, are critical.

Given the schedules of online degree courses and the fact that most online students are juggling studies with other commitments, the simplest way to multiply that precious commodity, time, is to cut down on sleep and work well into the wee hours. Research by essaywriter, however, is proving that the human body needs a certain minimum requirement of daily sleep and that sleep deprivation can have serious medical consequences. Not to mention short-term fatigue and reduced mental faculties that can impact the attempt to earn a degree online.

How Being in College Can Disrupt Sleep

It is an incredibly liberating experience to finally leave home and start college, but for many reasons just being in college can disrupt your sleep. Whether it is the new flexibility of your schedule, the life in the dorms, a new circle of friends, or other new experiences, your sleep may suffer.

Living in the Dorms

From the first day you move into your new campus home, things change. As you haul box after box into your dormitory room, you start to realize it is a tiny space.

Shortly thereafter you recognize that there is a lot that has to be accomplished there.

Not only will you be expected to sleep in that room (most likely with a roommate, perhaps for the first time), you also will have countless other roles for the space. You may have a small workspace to study, but the dorm space may also serve as an impromptu kitchen or even an entertainment room.

Unfortunately, you will be unlikely to have a space devoted solely to sleep. According to guidelines for better sleep, you should have a place where you can sleep comfortably. It should be quiet, dark, and cool when you need it to be. Chances are the intrusions of roommates or floor-mates may make this difficult at best. When your sleep space becomes a multipurpose room, the stimulating environment makes it difficult to transition to sleep. To counteract this, you should do the best you can to reserve your dorm room solely for sleep.

New Schedule, Variable Demands

Most college students have a variety of demands on their time.

As you first start, this can be somewhat overwhelming. Even if you have a light schedule, this flexibility may prove challenging. Aside from your scheduled lectures and study time, many college students are involved in sports, extracurricular activities, or working to pay for the expenses of college. This can introduce unpredictability to your life. Inevitably this extends to your sleep schedule. Ideally, you would go to bed and get up at the same time every day. If your schedule varies from one day to the next, you may compromise your sleep to meet these demands.

Moreover, stressful times during the academic year (such as during finals) may prompt you to sacrifice your sleep to study more. You will do better if you resist these temptations and maintain a regular schedule. Good sleep habits can improve your mood, concentration, and general health — all things that will help you to be more successful in college.

Freedom, Friends May Encroach on Sleep

As a college student, you may have new freedoms that you have never before experienced. For the first time in your life, you may be out of your parents’ house and rules. This can be extremely liberating, but it may also lead to some tough choices.

Part of this freedom will be the ability to choose how you spend your time. No one will be there telling you to eat your vegetables, brush your teeth, or get to bed. If you choose to stay up to 4 a.m. playing video games, no one will say a thing. This can be wonderful, in some ways, but it can also devastate your ability to consistently get a good night’s sleep.

Moreover, the use of caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes or other drugs may impact your ability to sleep well. Many college students elect to experiment with some, and you may be unwittingly affecting your sleep.

By its very nature, a college campus brings people together with common interests and characteristics. It is easy to meet new people and establish lifelong friendships and bonds. These opportunities for socialization can also present challenges as you need to make sleep a priority or it will surely be encroached upon as you spend your time with friends.

College is a wonderful opportunity in life. By making a few careful choices, you can ensure that your sleep is protected amid the environment and new experiences that you find yourself in. Doing this will ensure a healthy and successful experience.

Safeguard Against Sleep Deprivation When Pursuing Online Masters Degrees

According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep is essential for a person’s health and well-being. However, surveys conducted by the NSF reveal that at least forty million Americans suffer from different kinds of sleep disorders and that sixty percent of adults report some kind of sleep problem at least a few times a week.

It is startling that something as commonplace as sleep is in such short supply, perhaps because it is largely undervalued emphasized by the cheap essay writing service. The lesson for the online student here is simple: ensure a good night’s sleep every day. While sleep requirements differ from person to person, the American Psychological Association recommends an average of eight hours a night for adults.

Consequences of Sleep Deprivation for Students of College Online Degrees

The National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research reports that sleep loss interferes with learning in grade school and high school, with sixty percent of children complaining of daytime tiredness and fifteen percent falling asleep in class. Unless it is necessary to stay up late for a joint session across time zones, make a conscious attempt to ensure that course work does not cut into sleep time.

While a small amount of sleep loss can be handled by most adults, sleep deprivation on a sustained basis, caused by regularly making do with less than the required amount of sleep, causes physical and mental fatigue and negatively impacts the ability to concentrate, comprehend and recall.

Following Biological Clock Important When Pursuing Online Masters Degrees

The quality of sleep is defined not just by the number of hours, but also by the environment and the timing of sleep. Many students of college online degrees find it convenient to burn the midnight oil, finding concentration easier when the surroundings are silent and the distractions of the day are done. Essentially, they are working when the world is asleep; when – according to their biological clock – they, too, should be asleep.

While this practice might work in the short run, abusing one’s biological clock or circadian rhythm and attempting to catch up on sleep during the day cannot be sustained in the long run without leading to sleep impairment and related health problems, and fatigue. It is advisable to schedule a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning for another session at the computer.

Healthy Sleep Practices Important for Students of Online Degrees Programs

While a vast majority of online students use night-hours – and valuable sleep hours – as a time multiplier, the consequences of sleep deprivation indicate that this is only likely to result in health problems and impaired performance in the long run. Following healthy sleep practices, ensuring sufficient sleep of around eight hours a night, staying in tune with one’s biological clock, and sleeping at the right time will help the online student stay healthy, fresh, and energized in his attempt to earn an online degree.

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