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Invisible Braces is an Advanced cosmetic dentistry center in Mumbai headed by Dr. Jignesh Kothari, a leading dentist, and orthodontist in the field of Invisalign.

Dr. Kothari’s immense recognition and expertise in the Invisalign field have taken him to great heights. Thanks to his ever increasing passion and determination that helped him reach the position he holds presently on the national and international level.

From being a member of many global organizations to being the founder President of the Lingual Orthodontic Society in India to being a key opinion leader and Diamond Invisalign Provider, we can come to this conclusion that Dr. is indeed an extreme professional in the Invisalign world.

With many awards, titles, honors, achievements, accreditations and milestones that he has so successfully accumulated from his former years until now, Dr. Jignesh Kothari has set up his own advanced cosmetic dentistry center in Mumbai.

Wondering why do they call it advanced?

The answer to that is because in this cosmetic dentistry center, all the equipment is of an advanced quality using artificial intelligence-based software.

Also, our Invisalign system is made after a 20year research and 900+ patents being the world’s largest 3D printing operation.

Here at Invisible Braces clinic, also an advanced cosmetic dentistry center in Mumbai by Dr. Jignesh Kothari, we aid in the following:

  • We chart out a treatment plan that is customized as per your dental concerns and desired outcomes.
  • We use tools and models that are of the highest quality with latest technology.
  • Facilitate virtual/online consultation if the patient is unable or it is not possible due to given circumstances.
  • Special plans and custom scheduling made for overseas patients or those who stay at distant places.
  • All our products that we use like aligners and braces are made from world-class manufacturing leaders globally which helps us give our patients long-lasting aesthetic smiles.

Our professional team has helped 90% of patients achieve a dazzling smile they had desired for ages. Having different options in the field of cosmetic dentistry like veneers, dental implants, Invisalign, etc. has made lives much easier than before.

These cosmetic dentistry procedures, known as orthodontic treatments medically, are quite effective in offering solutions that work in the long run and last a lifetime. Although, one must remember that nothing comes easy. Hence, these treatments might be costlier and time-consuming but the result and effort is worth it.

At our cosmetic dentistry center, we ensure oral hygiene conditions are up to the tea. None of our staff compromise when it comes to maintaining hygiene in our center.

Our approach towards our patients at the center consists of minimum discomfort/invasiveness and a friendly approach. This helps us too with our operations when it comes to dealing with our patients.

The functioning of our advanced cosmetic dentistry center is quite simple. It is where our expertise and professionalism blends with science and innovation in the dental world. That’s how we work towards helping patients get natural-looking smiles that match perfectly with their face and mouth.

Invisible Braces Advanced cosmetic dentistry centercaters to every dental need that a patient brings forth. The team of dentists who work under Dr. Jignesh prides itself on providing a wide range of different dental services under one roof.

The dentists who work here are experienced and dedicated in providing professional and high-quality dental care to all their patients. None of our experienced dentists recommend any kind of treatment or dental procedure that is completely unnecessary or not required by the patient.

All our practices make every patient who steps into our center feel comfortable and safe.

We pursue utter perfection, accuracy and knowledge coupled with expertise by our top dentists and staff who work here at Invisible Braces Advanced cosmetic dentistry center, Mumbai.

To set up an appointment, call our cosmetic dentistry center today!


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