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Is your MRI scan in Chandigarh costing you more than Rs.4500? Ah! That’s too much to bear for many people. 

In fact, it is not just Rs. 4500 that you see in the quote! 

You are forgetting the expense that you have to go through during the process of reaching the diagnostic center in Chandigarh and coming back from there. And the fees for your corollary consultation. Now the price count is going up, isn’t it? 

Well, let’s add the miscellaneous! The actual expenditure is not always what you see in the price list. Particularly, when you are on the waiting list. 

You visit the diagnostic center in Chandigarh again and again, fed-up of your messy schedule and the long wait for your turn. Meanwhile, you recall that there is emergency work, and thus, go back again to complete it. 

Yes, there is an expense here that you didn’t calculate. Then again, to drive back for the MRI scan in Chandigarh, an additional charge falls on your shoulder. Did you not count that? 

If yes, then probably you know that for a basic MRI scan, you invest a lot! 

So, are you thinking about the relief point? That’s exactly what HealthFinder is here for! To Aid you with a relief point! Sit back and see how an online marketplace for healthcare services, namely, HealthFinder, is revolutionizing the healthcare sector for you. 

HealthFinder, being an online marketplace to connect patients with diagnostic centers in Chandigarh, as well as hospitals, clinics, and doctors, aims to allocate a cheap service facility for you. 

Cheap does not mean the quality of service is degraded. Rather, it comes as a bonus here! You can derive high-quality, and accurate MRI scans in Chandigarh at a very low price from this particular marketplace. Nearly, at around Rs. 3000! 

Wait! That is not the end, perhaps! 

HealthFinder understands the importance of time and its relation to the economy. By availing of their service, your long wait for MRI will be obsolete. And so is your extra expenditure. You do not have to revisit the center for your MRI or keep on adding miscellaneous costing any more. 

How is that possible? 

It is easy to learn about! 

With HealthFinder, you can book an appointment for your MRI scan online as per your timing. They offer ample flexibility in this regard. So, you can visit the diagnostic center in Chandigarh at that particular schedule and get your MRI scan done with ease. 

What about the reports? Well, here again, you will not have to go to the center any further. Your test reports will automatically come to you via online mediums like WhatsApp or Email. All you have to do is simply download and print them. 

Last by not least, only one concern remains! Yes, the cost for visiting the diagnostic center for your MRI. What if you get an affordable pickup and drop facilities along with a fast and efficient MRI scan in Chandigarh? Is that not a complimentary ticket to your financial savings? 

Heath Finder can assist you in doing so! 

While your book your MRI scan from their online platform, you can also book for a cab, thereupon. The cab facility covers both pickup and drop, so your miscellaneous expense is no more miscellaneous! It is visible right away for your estimation. 

Then, when you come back home after your MRI scan and realize that there isn’t enough cash to pay, Heath Finder comes to your rescue! They offer cashless payment models for your relief. Therefore, even if you do not carry cash to the diagnostic center, you can come back and pay online anytime. 

For more details, visit their website:

Or, call them at 7740033771 

HealthFinder is at your service 24*7! 

Disclaimer: The statements, opinions, and data contained in these publications are solely those of the individual authors and contributors and not of Credihealth and the editor(s). 

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