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The world today has changed greatly. People suffer from multiple health disorders, which require timely care and attention to manage things better. Migraine of health issues is highly common, globally. Migraine headaches can be deliberate and lead to disabilities in some cases. Besides, the females face the issue more commonly. In Ayurveda, migraine is known as Surya Vartha soolaw. When broken down surya means sun, and Avartha means the rise of affliction. This indicates an aggregation of pain with heat and light. But it is vital to understand the type of migraine headaches is different for different people. People might experience the situation in multiple ways. If you are suffering from a migraine issue, then the guide here has covered all the essential details you need to know about ayurvedic treatment for migraines. For sure the guide will be helpful for you to learn about migraines.

Causes of migraine

As of now, the exact cause behind the migraine headaches is not clear. However, environmental factors and genetics are considered to play a major role in migraine issues. In Ayurveda, it is believed that a pitta vata imbalance can cause migraines. When this happens, the dosa manifests as a sharp burning pain that can usually be associated with light sensitivity and visual sensations, leading to exaggerated migraines due to heat. In fact, they can be triggered by eye strain from excessive use of computers or watching television. This happens because of the environmental factors or pollution that can be present in water, air or food. Also, excessive stress like frustration or anger can even lead to migraine attacks. You are checking out some of the common symptoms of migraines.

  • Nausea
  • Pulsating headache on one side
  • Light-headedness
  • Sensitivity to noise, light and odor
  • Fatigue
  • Blurred vision
  • Pulsating and recurrent pain

The symptoms of migraine usually last for about two to three days. However, it will vary greatly. Thus, it is vital to visit a good medical center for the treatment at the right time to ensure all the symptoms can be controlled and one can live a normal and healthy life.

Migraine do’s and don’ts

When not taken care of, the migraine issue can become serious and cause multiple other problems. Thus, you should do and avoid certain things during migraines to keep things under control. This includes.

  •  Avoid dry food like junk food
  • Avoid consuming food that can trigger migraine attacks
  •  Quit smoking and alcohol completely
  •  Do regular pranayama and meditation
  • Consume lukewarm water with clarified butter
  • Regularise your bowels

In addition to this, there are multiple treatment options that can be considered for relief. Of all the choices, Ayurvedic treatment has received great popularity as it can be extremely helpful.

Ayurvedic treatment for migraine

The Ayurvedic treatment for the patient is not specifically about the disease, but it is customized for the individual’s specific condition. In Ayurveda, detox treatment is the most common option that is recommended for the treatment of migraines. It is done after the Ayurvedic consultation with an experienced professional. Besides, the doctor will customize the treatment and include therapies, herbs, and certain lifestyle programs to help the patient. Here are the details. 

  1. Detox

When there is a chronic case of migraine, then the toxic material will be deposited in the head. This greatly affects the multiple sense organs. Besides, it leads to sensitivity from sound, light and mood changes. Detox can be extremely helpful in getting rid of toxins and strengthening the nervous system. Some of the special treatments like Shirodhara, sirovasthi are used for nurturing the nervous system. Thus the vata is normalized.

  1. Nasya

This means the treatment of migraine using herbal preparations. It is one of the treatments that is meant for the nervous system and helps remove the toxins accumulated in the sinus. Generally, it is the mucus coating inside the nostrils that are the most exposed areas for the nerves. The medicated oil is used here directly to ensure that it acts on the nerve endings and helps pacify vata. Also, it drains the mucus deposit in the sinus.

Thus, the pressure area is relieved. At the same time, some other detox treatments like virechana and basti are also used to eliminate any toxic presence from the body.

  1. Oil pulling

Ayurveda has multiple treatment options for migraines. It is yet another perfect substitute for the treatment. Oil pulling is a powerful option that helps detoxify the effects and then offer great relief from migraine and other conditions that result from poisonous toxins in the body. Besides, another great benefit of this treatment is whiter teeth.

  1. Shirodhara

The treatment choice is just the perfect option for migraines. In this therapy, warm oil is poured into the highly affected area from migraines. This generally is the forehead. When the oil pressure forms vibration on the forehead, it helps the nervous system and the mind experience relaxation. Thus one can get relief easily.

In addition to this treatment, the doctor might also advise practicing yoga every day. Regular exercise will help release endorphins. It is the body’s natural pain reliever that can help calm the symptoms. It can be extremely beneficial for the person who is willing to enjoy a stress-free life and avoid the triggers for migraine. With proper care and management, one can keep the symptoms of migraine under control and liver healthy life.

Is Ayurvedic treatment safe?

The Ayurvedic treatment usually focuses on lifestyle changes and basic therapies that are considered safe. The method used for the treatment is recommended by the mainstream doctors who ensure to prevent migraine and offer the patient relief. Treatment plans like exercising, yoga, breathing exercise, meditation, healthy eating etc., can work great in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the day-to-day operations. But still, some of the ayurvedic treatments have not been proven. Thus before you begin your treatment, it will be better to stay in contact with your regular practitioner. This will help you stay safe throughout the Ayurvedic treatment

Take professional assistance

Migraine is one of those medical conditions that can be treated with proper care and management. There are multiple Ayurvedic professionals you can visit for the treatment plan. By taking the right step at the right moment, you can get relief from the pain and enjoy your life without any worry. If you are planning to visit an Ayurvedic doctor, then you can consider Dr. Smita Naram for your treatment. She is one of the most reliable and reputed doctors who has successfully helped people get relief. You can schedule an appointment at Ayushakti to get her professional service. For the last 33 years, Ayushakti has been helping people worldwide by providing herbal remedies and ayurvedic treatments for multiple health disorders. As a doctor at ayushakti, Dr. Smita Naram aims to ensure the patient gets the best treatment that brings good results quickly. She is dedicated to helping the patient by customizing a treatment plan that is best suited for the specific case. With her assistance for sure, you will get good results. So, make sure you schedule an appointment to get your treatment done at the right time.

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