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Working out alone is not enough to gain physical energy and activeness. A proper recovery routine after a workout is quite important to improve your overall health and fitness level. Hours of workouts may make your muscles active. But the strengthening and growth of your muscles require proper rest and recovery time. If you work out daily without giving proper rest to your body, you may eventually feel exhausted and will ultimately give up working out. Thus, if you want maximum workout benefits within a limited period, try giving your body the recovery time to maximize the benefits of your workout session. Below mentioned are the 5 best tips to recover quickly after a workout.

Remain hydrated

Providing sufficient fluid to your body and remaining hydrated is the key to maintaining good health. especially, post-workout when your body has already lost enough fluid through sweat. Specialists state that drinking a sufficient amount of water before, during, and after a workout is extremely necessary to prevent muscle soreness and dehydration. During an intense workout session, a person must intake at least 500-700 ml of water 2 hours before starting to workout, 200-300 ml of water intake is necessary every 20 minutes during a workout. And 500-700 ml of water post-workout is extremely necessary to meet the fluid loss due to excessive sweat and also to fulfill the fluid requirement of the body.

Get nutrients for easy recovery

Consuming nutrition-dense food is also extremely necessary for quick post-workout recovery. Try to eat foods that are rich in high-quality protein, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and all other essential nutrients to supply sufficient energy to your body. You may also consider consuming nuts, seeds, fish oil, especially antioxidants to reduce inflammation, you will find details about these substances and more of their benefits on this page

Consuming peanut butter, a sandwich, milk, yogurt within two hours of your workout is also a wise choice as this will help your muscles to restore the lost glycogen in your body. Also, it is necessary to consume protein-rich snacks before bedtime, to allow your muscles to repair over time.

Get quality sleep

Sleep is the most important and underrated thing that any person needs to maintain good health. any adult requires at least 7-8 hours of sleep a day according to the national sleep foundation. The growth hormone that is responsible for tissue growth and repair is mainly secreted during the deep sleep hours in our body. Besides, cortisol that hinders tissue growth when our body goes through huge stress is minimally produced during our sleeping hours.

Hence, you may understand how necessary it is to get sufficient hours of quality sleep to maintain good health. A good night’s sleep is also extremely beneficial to speed up recovery after an intense workout. A few tips to get quality sleep at night are, try to avoid large meals at least 2 hours before bedtime, avoid staring at the blue light of your TV, PC, or mobile phone at least 30 minutes before bedtime, try to avoid the intake of caffeine and alcohol, try getting exposed to the natural daylight for a minimum of 15-20 minutes a day. Following all these steps can greatly help you improve both the quality and quantity of sleep. Thus, helping you gain the maximum benefit of a workout. 

Plan your rest and recovery days

To achieve the required benefit of a workout, one must plan his rest days properly. A gap of 48 hours is considered to be a healthy gap between workouts. It’s not a universal rule and you can always plan your rest days according to your needs and preferences. During your recovery days, don’t forget to do stretching. This will help with quick muscle recovery and will also help you develop the habit of stretching.

The resting time also varies depending on your age and skill level. If you are a young man with a high skill level, you would probably require less time to rest. If you are taking more time to rest and recover, try adding a few active recovery days in between.

Get a body massage

After an intense workout, a good body massage can be extremely useful to help you quickly recover energy and feel relaxed. It helps improve circulation and make you feel calm. You may also self-massage and use foam roller exercises to ease tight muscles. This will help you avoid the high price of heavy sports massage.

The bottom line

The above-discussed points are a few of the best ways to quickly recover energy after an intense workout. But at the same time, you must also understand the needs of your body. Listening to your body is the key point to attain physical fitness without harming your body. For example, if you are feeling weak, tired, aching, inflammation, and decreased performance, you don’t need to force yourself for long workouts. Instead, take a long recovery time, rest properly or take a break from your fitness training. On the other hand, if you are still feeling strong even after sufficient hours of hard work out, you probably don’t need to slow down and add unnecessary resting days to your routine.

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