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In a bid to put an end to the Coronavirus pandemic for good, many Governments across the world have resorted to a number of COVID software solutions.  These solutions have yielded results, though, but to varying degrees.  In this post, we will be looking closely at these software solutions to see how they work and what features they have to offer.  In no particular order, here are the COVID software solutions that we will be looking into:

  • MatriX-iPassTM
  • Salesforce
  • Cronj AI
  • IBM Vaccine Management Solution
  • Microsoft Vaccination Management Solution
  • Vaxcare
  • Vaccine Express
  • Accenture Vaccine Management
  • Infosys Vaccination Management
  • Crowe Vaccination Management System

HealthMatriX Technologies Pte Ltd. offers an AI-Powered MatriX-iPass™ solution to manage the pandemic and securely revive economic activities. 

This solution aims to make it easy for governments, organizations, and other access control authorities to detect, verify, and track infectious diseases symptoms. Plus, the general public can book and check the schedule of upcoming tests/vaccinations.

AI-powered MatriX-iPass™ Covid Software solutions include:

MatriX-iPass™ CLOUD: An end–to–end solution for generating a report, test/vaccination verification, and managing digital health records. 

MatriX-iPass™ Health Pass: It is a QR code-enabled health pass report for prompt verification. 

MatriX-iPass™ Checkpoint App: It is for access control experts to authenticate information on the health card.

MatriX-iPass™ Patriot App: The common people can schedule tests/vaccinations and download their digital health reports. 

MatriX-iPass™ Verification Engine: A stand-alone SaaS solution to verify certificates or another document. You can integrate it with your existing LIMS.

2. Salesforce Vaccine CLOUD

Salesforce is a marketing and Customer Relation Management solution that is well known by digital marketers and entrepreneurs. But what many don’t know is that of late, a COVID management feature has been integrated into it. 

Like the rest of its kind, the Salesforce Vaccine CLOUD solution makes it easy for government parastatals, organizations, and healthcare providers to efficiently track and manage vaccination status and reports of patients.

On top of that, this software comes with a dashboard from where relevant authorities can track vaccination rates among the populace. 

3. Cronj AI

Cronj AI is one of the few software solutions that is pushing the boundary of AI in checkmating the further spread of Coronavirus. 

The goal behind the making of this software is quite simple, yet ambitious: to help organizations – public and private alike – manage the vaccine immunization process effectively. 

With this COVID software solution, health officials can easily check the status of a patient, generate and issue immunization certificates, remind patients about testing appointments, and track the rate at which people are getting vaccinated. 

This helps to relieve the heavy workload on health personnel. Also, it makes inventory tracking, as well as record maintenance, a seamless experience for everyone. 

4. IBM Vaccine Management Solution

IBM, as you may know, is a tech company that deals in both hardware and software products. In a bid to contribute her quota is riding the world of Coronavirus, the company has launched a vaccine management software solution. 

This solution features a blockchain-based encryption technology that allows for secure tracing and authentication of medical certificates. 

Moreover, the IBM COVID software solution makes generating and creating digital passes easy for the government and everyone involved. 

For organizations that are keen on tracking and managing their vaccine inventory, this solution is definitely a good fit. 

5. Microsoft Vaccination Management

Microsoft, like IBM, has also positioned herself at the forefront of winning the war against the pandemic. As such, the software giant has also come up with a vaccination management solution of its own to help the government better contain the spread of COVID. 

Like all the other solutions reviewed so far, this as well allows for users to register for testing and schedule an appointment. 

6. Vaxcare

Vaxcare seeks to automate the vaccine purchasing and billing process, thus making it easy for users to get vaccinated. 

Even more, this software solution comes with an elaborate scanning technology that makes it easy for public and private healthcare providers to track every dose of administered vaccine with pinpoint accuracy. 

With Vaxcare, billing happens automatically once a dose of vaccination is administered. 

7. Vaccine Express

This list of COVID software solutions would never really be complete if Vaccine Express isn’t included. 

Vaccine Express seeks to relieve healthcare providers and government officials the trouble of manually tracking vaccine inventory and administration. 

One of the unique features of this vaccine management solution is its ability to record vaccine shipment quickly and in real-time. 

On top of that, it allows medical facilities to record and efficiently track the vaccine record of patients in a breeze. 

8. Accenture Vaccine Management Solution

Accenture vaccine management is a solution aimed at government healthcare providers to help manage the distribution of COVID vaccines efficiently. 

In addition to that, Accenture, through its novel software solution, seeks to educate and increase awareness among vaccination administrators and healthcare providers. 

Through this solution, also, Accenture hopes to make it easy for health authorities to efficiently allocate vaccination supply, monitor vaccine distribution, and effectively put a check on the spread of communicable diseases like the Coronavirus. 

9. Infosys Vaccination Management Solution

Government, both at local and state levels, can now deliver vaccination to its citizens rapidly and in a safe manner, thanks to the Infosys vaccination management solution. 

Some of the features that make this COVID software solution endearing, particularly to the government, are:

  • Compliance with all major vaccination guidelines and laws.
  • Easy to scale and flexible enough to accommodate a high volume of vaccinations
  • Powerful automation that reduces the possibility of errors to the almost zero

10. Crowe Vaccination Management System

Federal and State government laws regarding COVID vaccination will definitely change in the coming days, and so healthcare providers need a solution to manage this change properly. 

This is where the Crowe Vaccination Management System (CVSM) comes into play. 

With the CVMS software, health officials can accurately account for every single dosage of vaccine administered to the populace. 

Did we forget to mention that CVMS is a Cloud-hosted technology powered by Microsoft? This makes it easy for Federal and State authorities to rapidly deploy vaccinations. 


So there you have it; 10 COVID software solutions to help both the government and private organizations to manage vaccination and the health records of people.  If you would like to use any of the solutions shared in this post, you can simply reach out to their providers and request a demo. Most will gladly oblige. 

Disclaimer: The statements, opinions, and data contained in these publications are solely those of the individual authors and contributors and not of Credihealth and the editor(s). 

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