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Are you thinking of pursuing a career in the medical affair? Do you want to be a pharmacist? Do you know how many career possibilities pharmacists have after the Coronavirus pandemic? During the pandemic, the pharmacists played their role as a frontline health care provider. Like all other medical careers, COVID 19 has also evolved the role of the pharmacist. 

Pharmacists help detect the core element that could cure a person of the deadly disease. In a nutshell, covid has added many more responsibilities to pharmacists.

So If you want to serve the community and are looking for the most demandable field, keep reading this article. We will help you find out all the roles of pharmacists in the community that will help you opt for the career.

What does a pharmacist do?

The role of a pharmacist might appear straightforward and convenient. Simply assessing the condition of the patient and giving them the medication. However, their role is beyond that.

The major part of the job of a pharmacist is to fill prescriptions and deliver the medication. Pharmacists are also involved in pharmaceutical research. They also play an important role in forming a drug therapy according to the needs of the patients. Most pharmacists work as lecturers in universities. Some pharmacists also share their experience and knowledge by writing for science journals and newspapers.

No matter what career path a pharmacist chooses, he needs to make sure that he is meeting the relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

What are the requirements for a pharmacy career?

No matter what career option you choose to become a pharmacist, you need to have the relevant education the field requires. Obtaining a high school diploma allows you to become an entry-level pharmacist. However, if you want to move ahead in your career, you need to have professional and advanced knowledge. For this, you have to consider getting doctoral degrees.

Whether you want to become a hospital pharmacist or a community pharmacist, you need to have a solid understanding of the pharmaceutical industry.

As a pharmacist, you need to have strong interpersonal skills. You have to communicate with medical professionals, customers, medical suppliers, and staff members. You need to have excellent communication skills. Moreover, a pharmacist with strong managerial skills is able to encourage employers to perform their best. Hence, good communication and interpersonal skills, managerial skills, and leadership skills are imperative to becoming a successful pharmacist.

Different career options available for pharmacists.

Hospital pharmacist: Hospital pharmacists are responsible for providing medicines to patients. They need to work closely with the nurses, doctors, and hospital staff to make sure that the patients are getting the best medications.

Hospital pharmacists are required to keep the supply of medication in check. Moreover, they also need to monitor the effects of the medication.

As a hospital pharmacist, you play the role of being actively involved in the treatment of the patient. You are required to advise the nurse and physician to choose the best treatment and the right dose for the patient.

Doctors and hospital staff are going to rely on you to get drug and medicine information. Therefore, you need to keep yourself updated and informed. If you want to become a hospital pharmacist, you need to be prepared to work in a fast-paced environment. Moreover, you also need to handle multiple responsibilities in the hospital. Therefore, you must have strong skills to pay attention to details.

Community Pharmacist: This is the most preferable career path for pharmacists. If you love interacting and helping people, a community pharmacist is the right career choice for you. As a community pharmacist, you need to have detailed knowledge and understanding of all the medical products you offer.

As a community pharmacist, you need to assess the patient to enhance the efficacy of the medication you prescribe. Moreover, you need to make sure that the treatment is appropriate. This allows you to reduce the medical-related problems of the patients in your community. 

Multilevel engagement of pharmacists during COVID-19 crisis 

The life-threatening COVID-19 virus has overburdened the clinical staff, nurses, and doctors. This has resulted in the need of expanding the role of a pharmacist. Pharmacists are playing their part in controlling infectious diseases. They are making sure that the patients remain as healthy as possible by getting easy access to the medications. They are providing virtual consultations and improving medicine delivery systems by adopting digital systems.

COVID-19 has strained the health care system. It has made us realize the under-recognized role of a pharmacist in our community. COVID-19 has suggested a new role of a pharmacist which involves inter-professional collaboration with health care professionals to face the coronavirus.


Pharmacists interact with many patients. They are the best health care providers who are easily accessible to the general public. Most patients consult their local pharmacist to recommend a good GP in the community.

 Before going to the GP, they discuss their health problems with the local pharmacist. Hence, it is very important for pharmacists to continue enhancing their knowledge regarding medications and healthcare-related problems.

A career as a pharmacist is self-fulfilling and quite lucrative. It is a high-demanding profession for trained and licensed pharmacists. Hence, you should get a Master’s degree or a PhD if you are serious about starting a career as a pharmacist. This would give you enhanced knowledge and better employment opportunities. 

Disclaimer: The statements, opinions, and data contained in these publications are solely those of the individual authors and contributors and not of Credihealth and the editor(s). 

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