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If you have been experiencing problems with your tooth, you might be wondering whether there is a need for RCT or not? Well, every other individual thinks the same. Root canals are generally performed to save and repair the teeth that have become badly infected or decayed. When the pulp of the tooth, which is composed of blood vessels and nerves becomes damaged, it is required to get removed thereafter the inside of the tooth will be cleaned and sealed.

But, a lot of people do not know the importance of RCT and sometimes keep on ignoring it which further results in tooth extraction. So, this blog highlights everything about RCT that people should know.

What Is A Root Canal?

Root canal treatment eliminates bacteria from the infected tooth. It saves the natural tooth and prevents reinfection. When someone gets a root canal done, the infected pulp is expunged and the inside of the tooth is carefully cleaned, further, it is filled and sealed.

There’s no need to be distressed if your dentist or endodontist has prescribed a root canal procedure to treat a diseased or damaged tooth. Millions of teeth have been saved and treated this way each year, making teeth healthy and relieving the pain. If you are in a dilemma about whether your tooth needs an RCT or not, then you can search for “Dentist near me” or consult the specialists. Just make sure to get your RCT done from a well-known dental clinic where experienced professionals work.

Inside your tooth presents a white enamel and a hard layer, which is dentin. That soft tissue contains blood vessels and nerves that help the root of your tooth to grow during its development. When there is tooth decay and a pulp infection, removing a nerve becomes essential in root canal therapy.

How Do You Know If A Root Canal Is Needed?

The need for a root canal can be identified efficiently by a dentist, however, patients can identify themselves by considering some symptoms. A root canal is generally performed when there is a cracked tooth from any injury, complications from a previous filling, or a deep cavity. Patients usually need to get a root canal done when they observe their teeth are getting highly sensitive, specifically to hot and cold sensations.

Following are a few symptoms that indicate a root canal:

One of the signs that you may need a root canal is persistent tooth pain. This pain should not be avoided as it will bother you all the time. The possibilities of pain can be in the bone of your tooth or you may also feel persistent pain in your jaw, face, or other teeth.

Tooth pain might have other causes besides root canal. Therefore you can always utilize the option of being sure by searching for a dental clinic near me. Some of the other possibilities include:

  1. Cavity
  2. Gum disease
  3. Referred pain from a sinus infection
  4. Impacted tooth that may be infected
  5. Damaged filling

However, it is always a good idea to consult your dentist, no matter what the cause is. Early diagnosis and treatment for persistent tooth pain lead to a better outcome.

  • Sensitivity To Hot & Cold

If your tooth hurts when you drink something too hot or cold, there might be a possibility of root canal therapy. If this pain lingers every time even when you have stopped eating or drinking then you should get an oral checkup right away. This can be an indication that the blood vessels and nerves of your tooth are damaged or infected which can only be resolved with an RCT.

Swollen gums near the painful tooth might be a sign of an issue that needs a root canal. The swelling may be painful when being touched. You might also experience a tiny pimple on your gum which is called a gum boil, abscess, or parulis.

Your tooth can become discoloured when there is an infection in the pulp. The breakdown of the internal tissue is capable of damaging the roots and the tooth which further turn greyish-black. This discolouration is visible in a front (anterior) tooth. This can be a signal that you possibly need an immediate root canal. Although tooth discolouration has various other causes, it’s always better to see your dentist if you notice the change in colour of your tooth.

To know if your tooth needs an RCT or not, there is another symptom to be noted. If you’ve chipped or cracked your tooth in an accident or by chewing something hard, then bacteria might set in and result in inflammation and infection. Any of the injuries may damage the nerves of the tooth which can be resolved with an RCT.

With all the aforementioned symptoms, you might have understood that toothache is always the sign of something being wrong with your tooth. It is essential not to ignore such signs, and immediately consult a specialist. Timely visits to the dentist can help in preventing root canals if the detection of tooth problems is done early. So, do not take any of the dental problems for granted instead, consult the dentists immediately.

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