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Admitting that a problem exists is the first step in the healing process. The signs of addiction may be visible to others but unclear to you. Drug addiction is a problem that can affect you, your friends, or one of your relatives. You should share the issue with those close to you instead of hiding it. However, most people deny the addiction despite the clear signs that they are addicted to opioids or other drugs. Enrolling in a Drug Rehab in Leicester can help you become sober and revert to your previous life. So, do you suspect that you or a person close to you is suffering from addiction? Below we will share some signs you should look out for before enrolling for a drug addiction treatment or rehabilitation.

Have you been getting a DUI repeatedly for driving under alcohol or opium influence? Recurring issues with the authorities can be a clear sign that you are hooked up on something. In such cases, you cannot control yourself, and you need to ask for help immediately. Addicts tend resisting arrest violently. If you or a close friend has been under arrest for selling, buying, or abusing drugs, sought opium for self-harm or detriment, then they are most likely addicted. Financial issues are also constant among addicts. They use all they have to buy drugs and other substances like opioids. Because they are addicts already and cannot do without the drugs, they end up stealing or borrowing. Ultimately, this leads to issues with authorities or having too many debts.

2.   A drop in school and work performance

Have you witnessed a drop in your close friend or relative’s performance recently? Has your work or school performance been suffering? When a person becomes an addict to a drug, all they want to do is take it. That is all they care about. Opium addiction makes you feel your responsibilities like work, parenting, or school are not essential. The apathy that opiates create can translate into an addict’s “don’t care attitude” towards performance. The effects of this can be far-reaching. A person can be fired or reprimanded. Have you stopped caring about your grades at school or your work performance? Have you witnessed similar signs on your close friend or relative? There is an urgent need for you to enroll in an opium treatment program. You get to turn your life around before matters deteriorate. At MAT Texas, we use medications approved by FDA like Buprenorphine and Methadone to treat our patients. Behavioral therapy and counseling follow the treatment to ensure that you resume normal without cravings for the drugs.

3.   Deteriorating health because of drug and substance abuse

According to NIDA, opium abuse chronically may cause many health problems. An addict can contract Hepatitis C or HIV by injecting needles, respiratory depression, and Arthritis. Opium abuse can cause gastrointestinal issues, Constipation, withdrawal symptoms, and physical dependence. Any of the systems above can be dangerous or physically painful. Therefore, if you find yourself, a close friend, or a relative ignoring such signs and abusing drugs continuously, you need an immediate treatment addiction. Have you been experiencing severe respiratory depression resulting from an overdose? Consider an addiction treatment plan because this is very dangerous can lead to loss of life.

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4.   You do not have control of your drug use

Lacking control of your opium use is among the most common signs in addicts. Have you been feeling an insatiable urge to use even more drugs? You do not need any other confirmation that you need a treatment addiction plan. Being not in control of your drug use is a strong sign that you need addiction treatment. It is the meaning of addiction. However, you may not realize that you are not in control of your use of drugs until it is too late and things have gotten out of hand. By this time, you have experienced severe problems because of the drug abuse, and the effects may be irreversible. Have your relatives, friends, or other individuals expressed concerns you are abusing drugs? Can you be able to stop using the drug tomorrow? If you can not do it without help, you need an additional treatment plan with a specialist. Being honest can be a perfect starting place for your rehabilitation.

5.   Progress of drug use from partying to using alone

Nobody uses drugs to become an addict. Some people use a drug or opiate to feed their curiosity. What does it feel to be high? This is one question most people seek to answer when they use drugs. However, most youths start using drugs the same way. They use drugs for the first time in the company of their friends at a party or in other social environments. Opioids intake reduces the rate at which endorphins are produced. This causes tolerance (a decrease in the flood of good feelings) in an addict. To continue feeling good, people who have developed tolerance increase their opioid doses. The drug takes hold after repeated use. Therefore, you have cravings for the drug; you no longer take it only at parties. You start to the drug regularly, either alone or when hiding if there are people around. You feel you can only be happy or be normal after taking opiates. If you have such issues, then you are dealing with an addiction problem. If you have transitioned from taking a drug only when in parties to using it even when alone when hiding, then you should ask for help. Addiction treatment specialists can help you with the issue.


Do you believe you can only appear or feel normal once you’ve taken a drug? Are you not in control of your drug use and have problems with authorities when under the influence of drugs? Drug and substance abuse is a serious problem among people of all ages. The problem is, most people deny they are addicts or realize too late that they have been addicted to a particular drug. Look for the above signs whenever you feel that a certain drug is getting better of you. Share your addiction problem with your friends and family. A problem shared is a problem half solved, the saying goes. Do you feel you are headed towards addiction? Do not wait for a serious thing to happen. Consult our drug addiction specialists immediately to free yourself from drug addiction. We use MAT (Medication-Assisted Treatment) to help people addicted to opiates like Fentanyl, Heroin, Oxycodone, and OxyContin. 

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