Brokerage Firm Elara Securities forecast close to 60,000 Cr bid for IPL Media Rights

IPL Media Rights Tender – Elara Securities Forecast 60,000 Cr Value: This forecast will be music to the years of BCCI. Brokerage firm Elara Securities has predicted that the  media rights value of the Indian Premier League (IPL) for the 2023-28 period can soar to 60,000 Crore number: Follow IPL Media Rights Tender LIVE Updates with InsideSport.IN

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“Cricket may continue to enjoy such sheer dominance in India, medium term, propped by large-lucrative properties such as the Indian Premier League (IPL). Thus, expect IPL renewal to underpin media rights growth in India, medium term,” Elara Securities said in a note on June 7.

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IPL Media Rights Tender: Brokerage Firm Elara Securities forecast ‘close to 60,000 Cr bid for IPL Media Rights’: Check Details

IPL Media Rights Tender: Brokerage Firm Elara Securities forecast close to 60,000 Cr bid for IPL Media Rights: Check Details

The note came a few days after the conclusion of the 15th edition.

  • IPL Digital Rights Base Price is 33 Crore Per Match: The brokerage firm expects digital rights for broadcasting IPL matches to grab the headlines as it expects a premium of 100 percent from the current base. The brokerage house says the value per game of Digital Rights can go above 65-66 CR
  • IPL Broadcast Rights Base Price is 49 Crore Per Match: Elara Securities expects a 40-50 percent rise in premium for television rights. This means a bid in range 65-70 Cr per game for Broadcast Rights.
  • The brokerage firm expects 6 percent annualised growth in revenue for the TV rights owner.
  • 35 percent annualised sales growth for digital rights owner for IPL matches over the next five years.

“This in turn should massively bolster India sports media rights market. And IPL’s share may grow to 74 percent from 54 percent currently, evincing its importance,” Elara Securities said.

Who are the POTENTIAL Bidders for IPL Media Rights? Almost a dozen parties have picked the IPL Media Rights Tender. Out of them only 3-4 Serious players will be in the fray.


Apart from domestic players like Disney Star, Sony Network, Viacom Reliance, Zee Entertaiment, trillion-dollar tech giants such as Amazon, Apple and Google have picked up bid documents.


How the auction will be conducted? BCCI will not accept any physical bid from the interested parties. The IPL Media Rights auction will be conducted via E-Auction conducted by M-Junction.


How the E-Auction works? The bidders will start from a same BASE-PRICE and in a PRE-DECIDED Sequence in Round 1.


Bidders will bid from their own premises and will only be able to see the HIGHEST BID on their respective screens. The BIDDER names will not be FLASHED on the SCREENS.


Bidders will have 30 minutes time to COUNTER and increase the BID. In case in 30 minutes no one increases the BID, the HIGHEST BIDDING PARTY will be awarded the RIGHTS.


What will be the duration for the E-Auction? The e-auction will start on 12th June but can continue for unlimited number of days. The auction will continue till the HIGHEST BID and the BIDDER is not realized.


The auction will only end if the other parties for 30 MINUTES are not ready to increase the BID.


It is worth noting that in the same format BCCI’s International Home Matches Media Rights auction was conducted. The auction went on for 3 days.



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