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Estrogen blockers are a great way to limit the effects of estrogen and progesterone on men. These hormones can be problematic for some guys, and they can cause weight gain, breast growth (gynecomastia), loss of sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and depression. This article discusses the advantages of estrogen blockers and who should use them, what they should be utilized, and their signs and symptoms related to estrogen problems.

The role of estrogen in the male body

We all know that estrogen is a female sex hormone. It regulates the menstrual cycle and helps with breast enlargement, water retention, fat distribution, and its conversion to testosterone. 

This important steroid hormone is responsible for secondary male sexual characteristics such as increased facial and body hair growth in men. When there are high estrogen levels in males, they can experience sleep problems, depression and weight gain, especially around the midsection, all symptoms of low testosterone. But how do you tell if your estrogen levels are getting out of whack?

Estrogen is released directly from the body and also produced through a process referred to as aromatization. Below is a guide on how to stop aromatization of testosterone with a detailed plan on how to achieve this with estrogen blockers. Estrogen blockers have been created for men who have experienced or are currently experiencing the abovementioned symptoms due to estrogen dominance within their bodies.

Various clinical research studies have indicated that both low and high estrogen concentration is connected to alterations in mood, libido and testosterone levels. Excess estrogen is problematic as well as insufficient estrogen causes problems as well. 

The more estrogen a man has – the more of a chance he will experience low libido and sex drive. Researchers found that many men who had sexual dysfunctions were experiencing emotional problems of one sort or another.

What causes low estrogen in men?

When there is a deficiency of estrogen, the male body tends to lose muscle mass and bone mineral content because these hormones are responsible for increasing lean muscle mass and bone density. 

Even though testosterone is considered the primary male sex hormone, it can convert into estrogen. Some researchers theorize that this conversion does not pose much problem when testosterone levels are high enough to out-compete for estrogen production within the testes, but if these levels start to decrease. Then there is a higher chance of estrogen being produced.

High levels of estrogen cause two main issues among men:

  1. It elevates the production of a consequent hormone called sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) that binds to and deactivates testosterone in a man’s body. This causes a problem in sex drive and energy production in the muscles, so men need to inhibit high levels of estrogen in their bodies.
  2. It circulates your brain back and minimizes the release of pituitary LH and FSH, which prohibits the testes from delivering testosterone to your body, and this may result in weak muscles, low libido and erectile dysfunction. The existence of high estrogen levels among men problem has created a huge market for estrogen blockers.

Causes of high estrogen levels 

Several conditions have been said to cause high levels of estrogen. They include:

  1. Extended exposure to chemicals that activates estrogen receptors- chemicals that activate these receptors is xenoestrogens. These are artificial chemicals that imitate estrogen in your body, which can be found in plastics, pesticides, herbicides etc.
  2. Dietary products like soy and dairy products- soy and dairy products contain phytoestrogens; they are basically plant-based estrogens that can cause an increase in estrogen levels.
  3. Application of testosterone therapy. When you use hormone therapy, excess estrogen in your body will be produced because of its conversion into estradiol, which can cause many problems.
  4. Obesity is a major cause of high estrogen levels among men. When you are obese, there is a higher chance that your fat cells can convert testosterone to estrogen, which worsens the problem because there will be more estrogen circulating in your body.

What does estrogen blockers do to men’s body?

Now that you know the effects of estrogens on men, one would ask how they can be given. The best way to administer these estrogen blockers for men is through injection to increase bio-availability. 

Most injections are done in an everyday life setting, therefore, it does not have any major side effect or adverse reactions. Because many individuals are unaware of the necessity of administering estrogen blockers, therefore most guys do not even take them because they think they are unnecessary, which can cause health problems later on down the road.

Here’re the best ways to block estrogen in men:

  1. Gain muscle mass through weight lifting. Attention must be placed on the calves, legs, thighs and arms because these are the primary areas that produce aromatase enzymes. Intake of creatine will also help with this process by increasing lean body tissue production.
  2. Eliminate estrogen by utilizing high fiber diets because high estrogen levels may also come from foods or other supplements women take while pregnant to prevent miscarriage.
  3. Increase natural testosterone production through engaging in regular activities – such as sports exercising like jogging and cycling – where you can utilize your muscles frequently and increase their size, which is an effective way to show off a ripped body; it boosts testosterone too.
  4. Avoid any sources of phytoestrogens or estrogen blockers in your food. Read the labels on milk, juice and cereals carefully because they could be full of these things even though you are unaware of them.
  5. Alter your diet by reducing the amount of dairy you consume or eliminating it together. If you need to, consider using soy protein powder instead because they are not high in estrogen content.
  6. Get rid of phytoestrogens found in some supplements, vitamins and drugs, which can be harmful to men. For example, some anti-depressants contain estrogens that bind with progesterone receptors, thus blocking testosterone from working properly.

Disclaimer: The statements, opinions, and data contained in these publications are solely those of the individual authors and contributors and not of Credihealth and the editor(s). 

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