This Yadiel Hernandez catch attempt is sad on so many levels

I’m not going to say that it’s easy to make a catch in the outfield, but it’s easy not to dive for a ball 10 feet too early like you have the depth perception of Hans Moleman — so congrats Yadiel Hernandez, for this …

There’s so much to appreciate about this moment. The catch is so astoundingly awful that it made Hernandez pretty much just quit baseball entirely. Dude got up, saw the ball on the warning track, and didn’t even want to try and go grab it. He was so resigned to just allow this to be an inside the parker than he chilled while Dee Strange-Gordon had to sprint from center field to cover him.

You know a play is exceptionally bad, monumentally bad when the opposing team can’t even take joy in the moment. Instead of showing the awful attempted catch, the Mets just decided to show the hit and never single out poor Yadiel Hernandez.

The Mets went on to win 5-0. We’ll need to wait to find out if that’s also Hernandez’s vision, rather than 20-20.

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