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A majority of people would like to have that perfect smile. You can achieve this by visiting your dentist for teeth straightening. Various dental issues lead to you requiring teeth straightening.

This blog will take you through the Invisalign process. It is an effective treatment of dental issues.

What is Invisalign?

It is an alternative treatment to orthodontic issues whereby the patient gets a series of clear plastic aligners that are fit over the teeth. They are a perfect orthodontic treatment that achieves a beautiful smile. Patients who have a crossbite, underbite, and overbite undergo the process to help with teeth straightening. 

How does the procedure work?

 The process uses a custom-designed set of aligners based on the molds of the patient’s teeth. The molds are constructed from BPA-free plastics and move your teeth gradually into position by applying gentle pressure. The traditional method of braces uses wires to pull the teeth into alignment. Invisalign uses a series of molds to force your teeth into a new and improved position. 

How does an orthodontist perform the procedure?

  1. Consultation to determine if you qualify for the procedure

An orthodontist will determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. It will not work for every tooth alignment problem. It gives good results for mild to moderate crookedness, gaps, and crowding. The clear aligners for teeth straightening also do not help close large gaps or severely angled teeth. A checkup on your teeth is necessary to determine if Invisalign braces will work on your teeth. 

  1. Come up with a customized plan

If you are the right candidate for the procedure, the orthodontist formulates a treatment plan to suit your specific needs. The clear aligners are usually custom-made to fit the patient’s mouth. Some will take a mold of your teeth with impression material, while others prefer to use the 3D technical process. The mold of your teeth replicates digitally using scans. The scans create an accurate visual model of the patient’s teeth and gums. 

They use a handheld wand-like scanner waved inside the patient’s mouth to generate a digital model. They upload the files on the Invisalign website with specified instructions for the technician. The orthodontist places multiple tray orders as the number of pairs the patient will need will vary from time to time.

  1. First fitting

After a few days, the orthodontist receives the custom-made aligners. They then schedule an appointment with you for the first fitting of the trays. The aligners are thermoplastic polyurethane resin that enables you to feel comfortable while wearing them. 

As the patient, you wear them for at least 22 hours a day as each day is crucial. You ought to remove them while drinking or eating. As the trays are removable, you can maintain your oral health by brushing your teeth or flossing. 

The orthodontist places pieces of resin material on selected teeth to allow the aligners to remain in place. The resins are small and tooth-colored and are known as buttons. The buttons facilitate a specified amount of pressure in the chosen teeth as part of the treatment. Some minor altercations might be performed on some teeth while placing aligners. 

  1. Visits for regular adjustments

Invisalign aligners will need regular adjustments in the following weeks since the teeth will change their positions gradually. Your orthodontist will provide you with the next set of aligners to replace the old ones. The new buttons placed might be adjusted to the new set to fit perfectly. It’s important to note that the process is not as complicated as tightening wires and brackets with metal braces. 

  1. Replacing aligners with retainers 

Once your teeth align properly, the Invisalign therapy comes to a halt. The orthodontist will remove the buttons and advice you to cease wearing the aligners. After-care proceedings might come in place since some patients’ teeth might slowly return to their misaligned position. After proper analysis, your specialist might recommend wearing transparent retainers. The clear trays look similar to aligners and can help your teeth straightening procedure.

There is a recommendation on the appropriate protocol to follow for wearing retainers. You should also wear the retainers for several weeks or during night hours for a specified number of days. 

Who can use Invisalign?

The procedure is suitable for anyone seeking teeth straightening services. Teenagers can use the procedure to help correct any misalignments with their teeth. A majority of teenagers are self-conscious about their looks, it goes a long way in boosting their self-confidence. 

Adults can opt for the treatment. It offers flexibility with its alignment procedure. In the long run, they can achieve a perfect smile without braces. 


a) It gives room for better dental hygiene

Patients can easily remove their aligners and go on about maintaining their oral health. This allows them to brush their teeth as well as floss them. 

b) It helps prevent other dental issues

The use of removable aligners creates more room for dental hygiene that will allow one to prevent any dental issues. 

c) It helps boost self-confidence

Teeth straightening goes a long way in highlighting one’s aesthetic value. This can efficiently boost one’s self-esteem in the long run. 

d) They are a more comfortable option

They are more comfortable to wear as they are custom designed to fit your teeth. The feature also allows more precise control over the straightening of your teeth. In addition to that, they are easily removable.

e) Allows one to eat and drink freely

Due to their removable feature, you can eat or drink without worrying about any food sticking between your teeth. Braces usually hold back a patient on certain foods. 

f) The treatment runs for a shorter time

The amount of time one can take using the aligners is about a year. Traditional braces usually take longer, about 16 to 18 months. 

Disclaimer: The statements, opinions, and data contained in these publications are solely those of the individual authors and contributors and not of Credihealth and the editor(s). 

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