Garena Free Fire OB34 Patch Notes: Check the upcoming items

Battle Royale

Airdrop Enhancements

Better visuals for Airdrops.

– Optimized light beams on Airdrops: When an Airdrop has been looted, the light will disappear even if some items still remain.
– Airdrop location alert: When a player is near a pending Airdrop, a signal will appear on the spot where the Airdrop will land.
– Airdrops with rare items will be signaled using brighter light beams.
– Unlooted Airdrops will be signaled using pulsing light beams.
– Adjusted the color indication for the Airdrop Vending Machine icon on the minimap.
– Deleted light beams for Monster Trucks.

Visual Effects of Rare Loot:

Rare equipment will have different types of glowing effects. 

Varied glow colors for different rare items:
– Gold: Level I ultimate weapons.
– Gold+: Level II ultimate weapons, regular Airdrop weapons, Upgrade Chips, Lv. 4 Vest, Lv. 4 Helmet, and FF Coin stacks (>500).
– Red: Level III ultimate weapons and upgraded Airdrop weapons.

Other Battle Royale Mode Adjustments

– Extended Revival Point available duration from 600s to 620s
– Cost of Hit List missions and UAVs in Vending Machines reduced from 600 to 400.
– Vending Machine item changes:

– No longer available:

– M60
– M4A1

– New:

– M24
– M1014
– Sniper Ammo (1 stack only)

– Increased Med Kits amount by 15%.
– Reduced ground-spawn Gloo Walls by 10%.
– Ultimate versions of the VSS and Kar98k will no longer be spawned on the ground.
– Charge Buster is no longer spawned on the ground and is now available in Airdrops and Airdrop Vending Machines.
– Free weapons in Airdrop Vending Machines changed to M14 and MP5.
– Adjusted damage taken outside the Safe Zone:

– Damage from the first shrink will rise up to 3 after being outside of the Safe Zone for 170 seconds.
– Damage from the second shrink will rise up to 6 after being outside of the Safe Zone for 270 seconds.
– Damage from the third shrink will rise from 4 up to 12 after being outside of the Safe Zone for 360 seconds, while the speed of the increase is reduced.
– Damage from the fourth shrink will rise from 8 up to 24 after being outside of the Safe Zone for 20 seconds, while the speed of the increase is reduced.
– The duration of taking damage does not refresh when a new Safe Zone appears.

Garena Free Fire OB34 Patch Notes:

Weapon and Balance

Garena Free Fire OB34 Patch Notes: Garena has released the patch notes of the new update, More Details, all about the Free Fire Max OB34 Patch Notes

New Weapon: M24

New weapon available.

“The M24 is a light sniper rifle that has high mobility and fast firing rate, enabling you to efficiently snipe enemies from far away.”

Base Damage: 88
Rate of Fire: 0.8
Magazine: 15

Weapon Adjustments

Adjusted Ultimate Weapons.

Adjusted the following weapons:
– FAMAS: Range -10%
– M14: Damage -3%, range -4%
– M4A1-Z: Rate of fire -3%
– SCAR: Armor penetration +8%
– GROZA: Armor penetration -8%
– VSS: Rate of fire -10%
– UMP: Minimum damage -15%
– Kar98K: Rate of fire -10%
– Kar98K-I: Gun switch time 0.4 → 0.6
– Treatment Sniper: Overheat cooling speed +8%, magazine +50%
– AC80: Rate of fire -10%
– M79: Damage -15%, explosion range -10%

Besides all these, gamers will experience an improved gameplay in the next update.

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